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Ford Transit 1965-86
Ford replaced the Ford 400E Van in 1965 with the more fashionable semi forward control van called the 'Transit' in 1965. Unlike the Britain only Ford 400E, The Transit was a European effort produced in plants in Britain, Belgium, Holland, Turkey and other countries. No longer restricted by the narrow design of the underfloor engine vans, the wider Transit gave much more space, and it was engineered and fitted out to car standards. V4 engines of 1.7litre and 2.0litre were the base engines, but longer diesel engines could also be fitted and required a longer nose and changed grille. The name 'Transit' had previously been given to the Ford Taunus Transit from 1961-65. In 1971 a new rectangular grille was given to the Transit, and the MkII Transit appeared in 1978 with a longer bonnet to give room for the new Pinto engines in place of the V4 units. The new 'one box' Transit took over in 1986.
ab_Ford Transit 1966 grille
Ford Transit 1966 - grille. A more conventional rectangular grille with rounded corners was given in 1971 at the facelift.
ab_Ford Transit Diesel 1967 grille
ab_Ford Transit Diesel 1967 grille.
Ford Transit Diesel 1967 grille
Ford Transit Diesel 1967
ac_Ford Transit 1973 head
Ford Transit 1973. Transits were available in long wheelbase versions and also with high roofs. The round-cornered rectangular grille was given to the Transit in 1971
ac_Ford Transit 1981 SWB Van head
Ford Transit 1981 SWB Van. The MkII Transit now had a proper bonnet and a new grille and lighting.
Ford Transit 1966 Dormobile  Camper
Ford Transit 'Dormobile' Camper Van by Martin Walter 1966
Ford Transit Dormobile 1968 Freeway.  Coachwork by Martin Walter
Ford Transit Dormobile 1968 Freeway. Coachwork by Martin Walter 'Dormobile'
Ford Transit Diesel 1967
Ford Transit Diesel 1967
Ford Transit 1970 Pickup Custom front
Ford Transit V4 1970 Pickup Custom.
Ford Transit Diesel 1976
Ford Transit 90 CI Autosleeper 1976. The long bonnet and square grille identifies this as a Diesel Transit. Coachwork is an Auto-Sleeper conversion by Caravans International (CI)
Ford Transit 1973 twin wheel front
Ford Transit 1973 twin wheel. The long wheelbase version was usually given twin rear wheels. This Transit has a 2-litre V4 engine (shared with the Ford Corsair)
Ford Transit 1981 SWB Van front
Ford Transit 1981 SWB Van. This Mk2 Transit has a longer bonnet which it enables it to have new Pinto 4-cylinder engines as well as some V6 units.
Ford Transit 1981 SWB Van rear
Ford Transit 1981 SWB Van. The MkII Transit body was almost unchanged except for the bonnet. This SWB has an optional one-piece lift-up rear door in place of the usual twin 'van doors'.
s_Ford Transit 1981 SWB Van side
Ford Transit 1981 SWB Van. This MkII shows it longer nose, which gave better crash protection, but more importantly enabled longer engines to be fitted.
Bedford CF Van
Ford 400E Pickups, Vans and other Goods Vehicles
Leyland Pilot, Convoy and Freight Rover
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