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Triumph Vitesse 6 and 2-litre
Triumph introduced its 'Vitesse 6' in May 1962, taking the Herald chassis and body and giving it a 1596cc version of the Triumph inline six engine with improved chassis and better trim inside. Improvements were made and in October 1965 Stromberg carbs replaced the Solex ones and gave better acceleration and a higher top speed. Ther was an option of Laycock overdrive on the gearbox. Both saloons and convertibles were produced, but Estate Vitesses were never marketed officially. 31,300 Vitesses were sold before the 2-litre was introduced in late 1966. The 2-litre gained the same engine as the Triumph 2000, and bigger disc brakes, but most of the chassis remained as fore the Mk1. The problems of the rear suspension were tackled with the launch of the Vitesse 2-litre MkII in 1968, which also gained a more powerful engine shared with the Triumph GT6. Production ended in 1971
aa_Triumph Vitesse 2-litre 1967 badge
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre 1967 - badge on bootlid
aa_Triumph Vitesse 2000 badge
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre Mk II - bonnet badge
aa_Triumph Vitesse 6 1963 badgeb
Triumph Vitesse 6 1963 badge on bootlid
aa_Triumph Vitesse 6 1963 badgec
Triumph Vitesse 6 1963 badge on c-pillar
ab_Triumph Vitesse 6 saloon grille
Triumph Vitesse 6 Saloon. In 1960 The Triumph Vanguard was updated as the 'Vanguard Six' with a new 1991cc 6-cylinder engine built as 1½ 803cc engines. The Vitesse 6 was given a 1596cc version of this engine.
ac_Triumph Vitesse 1600 convertible head
Triumph Vitesse 6. Triumph engineers stitched 2 extra cylinders onto an 803cc Styandard Ten engine to create the Vanguard six cylinder engine. For the Vitesse they created a smaller 1596cc 6-cylinder unit.
ac_Triumph Vitesse 1600 saloon head
Triumph Vitesse 6 Saloon. The Vitesse 6 was launched in 1962, essentially a more sporting version of the Triumph Herald given a smaller 1596cc version of the Triumph Vanguard Six engine.
Triumph Vitesse 1600 1963 rear
Triumph Vitesse 6 1963. The Vitesse 6 evolved the Triumph Herald recipe with a six cylinder 1596cc engine and improved chassis and brakes, but kept the Herald body which was unchanged at the rear.
Triumph Vitesse 1600 convertible front
Triumph Vitesse 6. Introduced in April 1962, the Vitesse 6 used a Herald body re-worked by Giovanni Michelotti to give it a slant-eyed bonnet with the fashionable quad lamp setup.
Triumph Vitesse 1600 convertible rear
Triumph Vitesse 6. From the rear little is changed from Herald 1200 to Vitesse 6, notably NOT even the rear suspension - the weakness of both Herald and Vitesse. However the Vitesse did get better seats, more wood, more chrome, and anodised trim on the bumpers.
Triumph Vitesse 1600 front
Triumph Vitesse 6 Saloon. In 1962 Triumph popped a 1596cc version of the new 6-cylinder Vanguard engine into the Triumph Herald to create the Triumph Vitesse 6. Giovanni Michelotti was asked to restyle the Herald body and gave the Vitesse the 'Chinese Eyes' headlamps.
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre 1967 front
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre 1967
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre 1967 rear
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre 1967. The 2-litre Vitesse showed up the shortcomings of the 'tuck under' rear suspension now that it had 94bhp on tap; a resolution here would not come until the MkII model.
Triumph Vitesse 2000 Mk II car front
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre Mk II Saloon. Revised rear suspension, a 104bhp engine and more brightwork were the 'MkII' revisions to the Vitesse 2-litre from 1968.
Triumph Vitesse 2000 Mk II convertible front
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre Mk II. The Mk II from 1969 featured a revised rear suspension layout which eliminated the earlier handling problems. A more powerful engine improved performance (now 104bhp),
Triumph Vitesse 2000 Mk II convertible rear
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre Mk II Convertible. The main improvement for the MkII was improved rear suspension which cured the 'jack-up' tendency of the rear wheels.
Triumph Vitesse 6 1963 front
Triumph Vitesse 6 1963. After experimenting with a Triumph 2000 engine in a Triumph Herald, the go ahead was given to productionise the project, albeit with a 1596cc engine instead. Giovanni Michelotti altered the styling to give the upmarket car 'Chinese Eyes' quad lamps
u_Triumph Vitesse 1600 saloon side
Triumph Vitesse 6 Saloon. Launched in 1962, 22,000 Vitesse 6 were sold as saloons, and 8,000 as convertibles.
u_Triumph Vitesse 2000 Mk II side
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre Mk II. Produced from 1968-71, the Convertible sold 3400 to the Saloon 5600
v_Triumph Vitesse 6 badge
Triumph Vitesse 6 Saloon - pillar badge
v_Triumph Vitesse 6 detail
Triumph Vitesse 6 Saloon - bonnet handle
v_Triumph Vitesse 9 lamp
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre Mk II - rear lights
w_Triumph Vitesse 1600 tail
Triumph Vitesse 6 Convertible
w_Triumph Vitesse 2000 Mk II tail
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre Mk II Convertible.
w_Triumph Vitesse 2000 Mk II wheel
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre Mk II. Mark II cars had these 'Rostyle' wheel embellishers over their steel wheels.
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Bond Equipe 2-litre
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