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Sunbeam Tiger 1964-68
Named after the mighty 1928 Sunbeam Tiger Land Speed Record holder, the Sunbeam Tiger was an Atlantic alliance similar to the AC Cobra. The Rootes West Coast dealer contacted Carroll Shelby with idea of putting a small block V8 into the Sunbeam Alpine and very quickly a prototype was built, shipped back to Coventry and driven by Lord Rootes (apparently with the hand brake still on). A deal was agreed and 3,000 260cu (4261cc) in Ford V8s ordered. The Sunbeam Tiger was launched at the New York Auto Show 1964 and then went into development with Jensen. Series I Tigers used a Series IV Alpine body which had rounded doors and a rounded bootlid. The Series IA Tiger used a later bodyshell that had square door edges. The final Series II Tiger had a square-cornered bootlid and a 289cu in (4737cc) Ford V8. The Tiger ended production when Rootes were purchased by Chrysler and there was no interest in selling a Ford-engined car.
aa_Sunbeam Tiger Series IA badge
Sunbeam Tiger Series IA - badge. Early Tigers were badged 'Alpine 260' on some markets to avoid trouble with the 'Panhard Tigre' and the Messerschmitt Tiger. More commonly 'Tiger 260' or later 'Tiger V8' was the badging.
aa_Sunbeam Tiger Series II badge
Sunbeam Tiger Series II. Sunbeam Tigers carried 'V8' badges for both 260 and 289 engine cars.
ac_Sunbeam Tiger Series IA head 1966
Sunbeam Tiger Series IA. A late model Series 1A still with the 260cu in Ford V8
ac_Sunbeam Tiger Series II head
Sunbeam Tiger Series II. The egg-crate grille and new badging identify the late model Series II Tiger.
Sunbeam Tiger Series I front 1965bx
Sunbeam Tiger MkI
Sunbeam Tiger Series I front 1965y
Sunbeam Tiger Series I 1965. The Tiger is still active in Rallying after 45 years
Sunbeam Tiger Series I rear 1965b
Sunbeam Tiger MkI
Sunbeam Tiger Series I rear 1965y
Sunbeam Tiger Series I. The 1A had square-cornered doors in contrast to the rounded Series I Tigers.
Sunbeam Tiger Series IA front 1966
Sunbeam Tiger Series IA. Built on the Series IV Alpine body, there were a few 'Series I' built on the earlier body.
Sunbeam Tiger Series IA rear 1966
Sunbeam Tiger Series IA 1966. The 1A had square-cornered doors in contrast to the rounded Series I Tigers. The chrome side trim was deleted for the Series II
Sunbeam Tiger Series II frontc
Sunbeam Tiger Series II. Series II Tigers were given this egg-crate grille, and a chrome sill trim in place of the waist trim. A 289cu in 4737cc V8 powered the Tiger II
Sunbeam Tiger Series II fronth
Sunbeam Tiger Series II. Series II Tigers were in production during 1967 with the 289cu in 4.7litre Ford V8 engine, and the late model non-peaked headlamp rims
Sunbeam Tiger Series II rearc
Sunbeam Tiger Series II. Tiger Series II cars had square-cornered bootlids
t_Sunbeam Tiger Series IA side 1966
Sunbeam Tiger MkIA
Sunbeam Alpine
Series I to V
Hillman Avenger Tiger
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