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Sunbeam Alpine Series I to V
From 1956 Rootes worked on the next generation of Sunbeam Alpine based on a shortened Hillman Husky floorpan. The body was designed by Ken Howes who may have been inspired to give the Rootes car Ford Thunderbird looks from his time at Ford. Production started in 1959 and ended in 1968. The Series I car was built by Armstrong Siddeley and had a Sunbeam Rapier 1494cc engine. Series II Alpines gained a 1592cc engine and eventually floor space at the Rootes Ryton plant. The Series III in 1960 was split into the touring GT model with hardtop, and the tuned Sports model with convertible hood and optional hardtop. Series IV cars were 'anglicised' with trimmed rear fins and revised grille. Finally the Rootes 1725cc engine was given to the Series V Alpine in 1965. From late 1964 a v8-engined Alpine was available as the Sunbeam Tiger.
aa_Sunbeam Alpine Series II badge
Sunbeam Alpine Series II - bonnet badge
aa_Sunbeam Alpine Series III badgea
Sunbeam Alpine Series III - badges
aa_Sunbeam Alpine Series III badgew
Sunbeam Alpine Series III - wing badge
aa_Sunbeam Alpine Series V badge
Sunbeam Alpine Series V. In 1965 the Series V Alpine was announced, gaining a 1725cc engine. In the final year the Alpine carried the Chrysler Pentastar badges. Production ceased 1968
aa_Sunbeam Alpine Series V badgec
Sunbeam Alpine Series V. The Series V had the 1725cc engine. Only the late models carried the Chrysler Pentastar
ac_Sunbeam Alpine Series I headh
Sunbeam Alpine Series I Hardtop. A 1494cc 4-cylinder Sunbeam Rapier engine powered the Series I
ac_Sunbeam Alpine Series III 1964 head
Sunbeam Alpine Series III. Produced from 1963-4 with a 1592cc engine.
ac_Sunbeam Alpine Series V head
Sunbeam Alpine Series V. Series IV and V no longer had a bonnet badge or 'S U N B E A M' above the grille
Sunbeam Alpine Series I fronth
Sunbeam Alpine Series I Hardtop. Series I to III had a different hardtop from the later Series IV/V Alpines.
Sunbeam Alpine Series I rearh
Sunbeam Alpine Series I Hardtop.
Sunbeam Alpine Series I rearo
Sunbeam Alpine Series I Convertible.
Sunbeam Alpine Series II front
Sunbeam Alpine Series II. Series I and II Alpines did not have quarterlights, but the Series II had a full height window frame on the front edge of the door
Sunbeam Alpine Series II rear
Sunbeam Alpine Series II.
Sunbeam Alpine Series III 1964 front
Sunbeam Alpine Series III. Produced from 1963-4 with a 1592cc engine. The Series III has twin fuel tanks to give more space in the boot
Sunbeam Alpine Series III 1964 rear
Sunbeam Alpine Series III. The 1963 Series III was available in two versions, and the detuned GT version had a walnut dashboard and came with hardtop but no hood.
Sunbeam Alpine Series V 1966 front
Sunbeam Alpine Series V. Produced from 1965 the Series V had the 1725cc engine. Early cars still had the peaked headlamps.
Sunbeam Alpine Series V fronth
Sunbeam Alpine Series V Hardtop. The hardtop was redesigned for the Series IV and V models. This late model Series V no longer has the peaked headlamp rims.
t_Sunbeam Alpine Series I side
Sunbeam Alpine Series I Convertible. Early Alpines were built by Armstrong-Siddeley.
t_Sunbeam Alpine Series V side
Sunbeam Alpine Series V. Series IV and V cars had their wings lowered. This Series V carries a Chrysler Pentastar on its wing indicative of the Chrysler take over of Rootes.
Thomas Harrington Coachbuilders
Designer: Ken Howes
Sunbeam Tiger 1964-68
Sunbeam Alpine 1953-55.
Armstrong-Siddeley Car
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