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Rover Cars
Rover started as simply a name, 'Rover Safety Cycle' given to a product from Stanley and Sutton in Coventry in 1883, and the name of the cycle manufacturer was changed to the Rover Cycle Company in 1890. Edmund Lewis left Daimler to join Rover and in 1904 the Rover Eight automobile was launched. During the First World War Rover produced motorcycles, and the company was hit by the Great Depression. In an attempt to revive Rover Spencer Wilks was brought from Hillman and he then brough his brother Maurice Wilks into the company to engineer new products. The first new product was the 10/25 using the body of a Hillman, but in 1933 the Rover company changed fortunes when the Wilks brothers came up with the Rover P1 in Ten and Twelve format. Soon followed by the Rover P2 and after World War Two the P3. But innovation continued with the transatlantic-style Rover P4, and simultaneously the Land-Rover. Moving upmarket Rover brought out the P5 to persuade American buyers, and then went for another change of image with the P6 and then the 'Ferrari-esque' SD1. But Rover fell under leyland ownership in 1967 as the truck maker went on a spending spree. The following year the old BMC group merged with Leyland to form British Leyland and Jaguar, Rover, Daimler and Triumph became unhappy bedfellows. By 1986 only Austin and Rover existed together in what became known as Rover Group. MG and Rover products trickled out of the factories until the whole operation was bought by China in 2007.
a_Rover 12 ornament
Rover 12 (P2) - ornament
aa_Rover 10 badge
Rover Ten P2 1937 - grille badge
aa_Rover 30-litre badge
Rover 3½-litre (P5B). Boot badge
aa_Rover 31-litre MkII badge
Rover 3-litre (P5) MkI - badge
aa_Rover 75 (P3) ornament
Rover 75 (P3) - badge and ornament
aa_Rover 2000 badge
Rover 2000. P6 grille badge from 1966
aa_Rover 3500 1979 badgea
Rover 3500 V8-S 1980 - bonnet badge
ab_Rover 12 Sports grille1
Rover 12 (P2) - grille
ac_Rover 1075 MkI grille
Rover 75 (P4). This is the original Rover P4 launched in 1949, with central "cyclops' lamp. Very quickly this lamp became illegal in many countries and was replaced by a plain chrome disk. By 1952 it was replaced by a new style grille.
ac_Rover 1160 1958 grille
Rover 60 (P4) - Grille (1956+)
ad_Rover 3500 Series II grille
Rover 3500 Series II. The grille of the Rover 2000 and 3500 was revised in 1970 to the form shown here.
ax_Rover 800 1992 Sterling grille
Rover 800 Sterling 1992. At the last minute, the 1992 re-skin gave the Rover 800 a 'traditional' grille in place of the anonymous slot that the MkI and several other brands had been carrying.
Rover Speed 14
Rover P1
Rover P2
Rover P3, 60 and 75
Rover P4
Rover P5, P5B and Coupe
Rover P6 and P6B
Rover SD1
Rover 800, Sterling
Rover Metro, Rover 100
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