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Rover P2
The P2 range was a more modern body on largely unchanged P1 mechanics and running gear. The Rover Ten continued withs 1389cc 4-cylinder engine, and the Twelve carried the 1496cc 4-cylinder. Six cylinder power went to the Rover Fourteen with a 1577cc unit until the new 1901cc six arrived in 1938, whilst the Sixteen had a 2147cc ohv engine. Production was suspended for the War in 1940 and resumed in 1945 until the stop-gap replacement P3 arrived in 1948.
aa_Rover 10 badge
Rover Ten P2 1937 - grille badge
aa_Rover 12 badge
Rover 12 P2 - grille badge
aa_Rover 14 badge
Rover 14 Sports Saloon (P2) 1938 - grille badge
aa_Rover 16 badge
Rover 16 Sportsman Saloon (P2) 1938 - grille badge
aaa_Rover 12 ornament
Rover 12 (P2) - ornament
ab_Rover 12 grille2
Rover 12 (P2) - grille
ab_Rover 12 Tourer grille
Rover 12 (P2)
abb_Rover 12 boot badge
Rover 12 (P2) - boot badge
ac_Rover 12 Open Tourer head
Rover 12 (P2) Sports Tourer
ac_Rover 12 Open Tourer headg
Rover 12 (P2) Sports Tourer
ac_Rover 12 Saloon head
Rover 12 P2
Rover 12 Open Tourer frontg
Rover 12 Open Tourer. Designed for the export market, these Rover 12 Open Tourers had an aluminium body built by A.P.Aircraft Ltd at Coventry. Only 200 right hand drive cars were made.
Rover 12 Open Tourer fronto
Rover 12 (P2) Sports Tourer. With the government requiring that 75per cent of cars be exported, most 12 Tourers went to abroad, including Malta, India and Australia/New Zealand
Rover 12 Open Tourer inside
Rover 12 (P2) Sports Tourer - inside
Rover 12 Saloon front
Rover 12 (P2). The P2 was introduced in 1937 as an update of the P1. It contunued in production until updated as the P3 in 1947.
Rover 12 Saloon frontc
Rover 12 P2. This Twelve is post 1938 as it has fixed bonnet sides
Rover 12 Saloon rear
Rover 12 (P2). The P2 was available as 10, 12, 14, and 16 models, and a choice of the 6-light saloon shown here, or the 4-light Sportsman
Rover 12 Sports Saloon front
Rover 12 P2 1936 Sports Saloon. This early P2 still has a bonnet with opening sides and wire wheels
Rover 14 Sports Saloon front
Rover 14 Sports Saloon (P2) 1938. This Rover Fourteen looks to have acquired the bonnet sides from a Rover Sixteen, as this little 'doors' were usually only given to 16s. The 14 was given a 1939cc 6-cylinder engine
Rover 16 Saloon front
Rover 16 Saloon (P2) 1946. The Rover P2 models re-started production in 1946 unchanged from their pre-War form.
Rover 16 Sports Saloon front
Rover 16 Sportsman Saloon (P2) 1938. The Rover 16 had been introduced with a new 2147cc 6-cylinder engine of 60bhp.
Rover 16 Sports Saloon rear
Rover 16 (P2) Sports Saloon. 'Suicide doors' were given to the rear passengers.
s_Rover 10 Saloon side
Rover Ten P2 1937. This early P2 has opening bonnet sides, after 1938 the bonnet sides were fixed.
s_Rover 16 Sportsman Saloon side
Rover 16 Sportsman Saloon (P2) 1938. The 16 had little ventilation doors on its long bonnet
Rover P1
Rover P3, 60 and 75
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