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Rover Metro, Rover 100
A replacement for the Austin Metro had been started as the AR6 project back in 1984 and it set out to be a radical aerodynamic 'one-box' design slightly larger than the Metro, and built of aluminium to save weight. But in 1987 those ideas were swept aside by the need to produce some for low cost. The existing Metro body was hacked about to accomodate the new K-series 1113cc and 1396cc engines, and restyled by a committee under Roy Axe, nobody 'taking the blame' for it. In 1990 it was launched in Britain as the 'Rover Metro' and in other markets as the 'Rover 111 or 114'. In 1995 the MkIV Metro was launched as the Rover 111 and 114, gaining new lamps front and rear, a Rover grille. However, disastrous results from crash-testing came to light in 1997 and the Metro reached the end of the line.
aa_Rover 100 Kensington badge
Rover 100 Kensington - badge on tailgate.
aa_Rover 111 GT 8v badge
Rover 111 GT 8v - badge on tailgate
aa_Rover Metro 11S badge
Rover Metro 1.1S. The Rover Metro replaced the other Metros in 1990 with a restyled exterior and K-series engines of 1.1 or 1.4-litres.
ac_Rover 100 Kensington head
Rover 100 Kensington. The Rover 100 Kensington was based around the 60bhp 1.1-litre K-series engine.
ac_Rover 114 GSi Convertible head
Rover 114 GSi Convertible. The minaturei 'Rover' grille was given at the MkIV restyle of the Metro as the Rover 100 model, and the curvy lamps also appeared. The rare convertible model had either a 75bhp or 103bhp 1.4-litre K-series engine.
Rover 100 Kensington front
Rover 100 Kensington. In 1995 the 'MkIV' Metro was launched as the Rover 100, with a mildly revised bodywork, chiefly the front and rear lamps and a 'Rover' grille. The 60bhp 1.1 engine powered the short-lived Kensington version.
Rover 100 Kensington rear
Rover 100 Kensington. The Kensington was introduced in in 1996, and was replaced by the cheaper 'Chelsea' in 1997. The Rover 100 ceases production in 1998.
Rover 111 GT 8v front
Rover 111 GT 8v. In 1990 the Mk3 Metro, now re-branded 'Rover' was given the K-series engines. The Rover 111 got a 1113cc 8v 60bhp unit
Rover 111 GT 8v rear
Rover 111 GT 8v. The hotter versions of the Rover 'Metro' were usually based on the 73bhp 1.4-litre engine
Rover 111 Police Car front
Rover 111 Police Car
Rover 114 GSi Convertible front
Rover 114 GSi Convertible. Convertibles were available from 1994, built with assistance from Tickford after the first supplier went background. Engine power was K-series 1.4 8v or 16v
Rover 114 GSi Convertible rear
Rover 114 GSi Convertible. The grey colour of the hood denotes electrical operation.
Rover Metro 11S front
Rover Metro 1.1S. The Rover Metro replaced the other Metros in 1990 with a restyled exterior and K-series engines of 1.1 or 1.4-litres.
Rover Metro 11S rear
Rover Metro 1.1S. Restyled by several people after the exciting AR6 project was cancelled, the Rover Metro got a new tailgate and new lamps front and rear.
Austin miniMetro, Metro
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