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Designer: David Bache
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Rover P6 and P6B
Gordon Wilks and David Bache worked together on the Rover P6 having learned lessons on the T3 Turbine project. The Bache body design learned from the Citroen DS as well as Giugiaro and Pininfarina designs, and employed an inner baseframe with bolted on external panels. A new overhead cam 4-cylinder 1978cc engine was developed and the P6 was launched as the 'Rover 2000' in October 1963. From 1966 the car changed its name to '2000 SC' at the time new tuned 124bhp 'Rover TC' was launched. In April 1968 Rover gave the P6 the 3528cc V8 to create the P6B which was marketed as the 'Rover 3500 V8'. In 1970 'Series II' models went on sale with new plastic grilles, changed rear lights. In 1973 the 2000 was replaced by '2200 SC' and '2200 TC' which had a 2205cc version of the 4-cylinder engine. Production ended in 1977 when models of the SD1 took over.
a_Rover 2000 badge
Rover 2000. P6 grille badge from 1966
aa_Rover 2000 1971 badge
Rover 2000 MkII - wing badge
aa_Rover 2000 1973 badge TC
Rover 2000 1972 TC Series II - wing badge
aa_Rover 2200 1975 badge SC
Rover 2200SC 1975 - wing badge
aa_Rover 3500S 1973 badge TC
Rover 3500 V8S 1973.
ab_Rover 2000 1965 grille
Rover 2000 1965 - grille
ab_Rover 3500 Series II grille
Rover 3500 Series II. The grille of the Rover 2000 and 3500 was revised in 1970 to the form shown here.
ac_Rover 2000 1964 head
Rover 2000 1964. A new overhead cam 1978cc 4-cylinder engine was developed for the P6, and in this single carburettor form developed 104bhp.
ac_Rover 2000 1967 head
Rover 2000. The P6 was given a Heron-head inline four-cylinder overhead cam engine of 1978cc
ac_Rover 2000 1973 head TC MkII
Rover 2000 1973 TC Series II
ac_Rover 3500 V8 1968 head
Rover P6B 3500 V8. In 1968 The Rover P6 was given the alloy Buick-designed 3528cc V8 engine to create the 3500 V8 (P6B)
ac_Rover 3500 V8 1977 head
Rover 3500 V8 1977. The P6 continued in production for a while even after the SD1 had been launched.
Rover 2000 1964 front
Rover 2000 1964> The original single carburettor version of the P6 which won the European Car of the Year Award 1964.
Rover 2000 1965 rear
Rover 2000 1965. The original tail lamps were single units without reversing lamps.
Rover 2000 1966 front TC
Rover 2000 TC 1966. In 1966 Rover produced the optional 2000 TC version of the P6, giving it a second carburretor and revised top end to raise the power from 104bhp to 124bhp.
Rover 2000 1966 rear TC
Rover 2000 TC 1966. The TC version of the Rover P6 was now capable of 100mph. Tail lights were changed to incorporate reversing lights with the reflectors being moved to the bottlid.
Rover 2000 1967 front
Rover 2000. The Rover P6 was a clean sheet design introduced in 1963. David Bache designed it with a unibody design made up of unstressed panels fixed to a frame. There was a new 1978cc overhead cam engine.
Rover 2000 1967 rear
Rover 2000. When introduced in 1963 the Rover P6 was available as the Rover 2000.
There were discs on all four wheels and De Dion suspension at the rear.
An Automatic version was available from 1966.
Rover 2000 1971 front MkII
Rover 2000 1971 MkII. All P6 models were revised in 1970, with common 'V8' bonnets for all versions and plastic grilles
Rover 2000 1971 rear MkII
Rover 2000 MkII. All P6 models were revised in 1970, gaining new boot badges and revised rear lamp clusters
Rover 2000 1973 front TC MkII
Rover 2000 1972 TC Series II. The Series II from 1970 got a new plastic grille, and revised dashboard for the TC and V8 models. Mechanically the 2000 models were unchanged.
Rover 2200 1975 front SC
Rover 2200SC 1975. The Rover 2000 was upgraded in October 1973 with the engine being enlarged to 2206cc for both the 2200SC and 2200TC.
Rover 3500 Series II Estate front
Rover 3500 Series II Estate. Although the Estate was a conversion on a completed car, this conversion had factory blessing and could be bought through main dealers HR Owen.
Rover 3500 Series II Estate frontl
Rover 3500 V8 Estoura Estate
Rover 3500 Series II Estate rear
Rover 3500 Series II Estate. Estate conversions were made after cars were sold, usually on V8 cars. F.L.M. Panelcraft did the work, and the bodies were finished by Crayford, HR Owen or Hurst Park.
Rover 3500 V8 1972 Series II front
Rover 3500 V8 1973 Series II. The '3500' continued as the standard V8 model, with the '3500S' being the manual gearbox model.
Rover 3500 V8 1972 Series II rear
Rover 3500 Series II. Series II P6 and P6B cars also got changed rear lights. The external spare wheel was a common accessory because the rear suspension took boot space.
Rover 3500 V8 1973 S
Rover 3500 V8S 1973. The '3500 S' had been introduced in 1971 as a manual gearbox option to the Automatic only V8
Rover 3500 V8 1977 front
Rover 3500 V8 1977. A late model 3500 V8
Rover 3500 V8 1977 rear
Rover 3500 V8 1977
Rover P6B Police
Rover 3500S Police Car. The Rover P6B was a common choice for Police forces, especially for motorway patrols.
s_Rover 2200SC side
Rover 2200SC 1975.
s_Rover 3500 Series II side Estate
Rover 3500 Series II Estate. F.L.M. Panelcraft designed and made the conversion on the P6, often after the customer had used the car for a year, thereby avoiding tax on the conversion.
s_Rover 3500 Series II side
Rover 3500 Series II. The P6B (and P6) were introduced in 1970, both 2000 and 3500 getting the bonnet 'blips'
s_Rover 3500S side
Rover 3500S. David Bache 's P6 design inspired partly by the Citroen DS.
t_Rover 2000 1971 MkII
Rover 2000 1971 MkII.
t_Rover 2000 1972 tail TC
Rover 2000 1972 TC Series II.
t_Rover 3500 S 1973 tail
Rover 3500 S 1973.
u_Rover 2000 1965 lamps
Rover 2000 1965 - rear lamp, incorporating a red reflector but no reversing lamp. This unit was changed in 1966.
u_Rover 2000 1967 lamp
Rover 2000 1967. Reversing lights were for the 1967 season, and the red reflectors were placed onto the corners of the bootlid.
u_Rover 2000 1972 lamp TC
Rover 2000 1972 TC Series II. The Series II P6s had red reflectors beneath the rear lamp clusters
u_Rover 3500S 1974 lamp
Rover 3500S 1974
v_Rover 2000 1964 lamps
Rover 2000 1964.
v_Rover 3500 V8 1968 lamps
Rover P6B 3500 V8. The 3500 V8 was badged '3500' and 'V8' to distinguish it from the 4-cylinder cars.
v_Rover 3500 V8 1970 lamps
Rover 3500 V8 1970
Designer: David Bache
Rover P5, P5B and Coupe
Rover SD1
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