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Morgan Motor Company
H.F.S. Morgan founded an engineering business in Malvern in 1905 and in 1909 had developed a lightweight three-wheeler car powered by a V-twin Peugeot engine. The first 3-wheelers only had one seat, and were either single cylinder 4hp or twin cylinder 8hp. Drawings for this design were made by the future Sir John Black, at that time a mere apprentice, but later to supply engines to Morgan as the boss of the Standard Motor Company. The three-wheeler was developed into a two-seater and the 'Runabout' of 1911 was a sales success and became the first and very best of Cyclecars and the Morgan Motor Company was registered in 1912. By this time Morgan were commonly fitting the J.A.P. twin cylinder engine. After the Great War, Morgan developed a 4-seater 3-wheeler, and a special car with Grand Prix body named the 'Aero'. Competition success followed the car everywhere even though the design of the three wheeler hardly changed. But in 1931 Morgan replaced the 2-speed gearbox with a 3-speed which also gave reverse, and the three-wheeler was given an engine by Matchless. The first four wheel Morgans were announced at the 1936 Motorshow as the Morgan 4 - 4 (four cylinders, four wheels), and this model was supplemented by the Plus Four with larger engines in 1950. The largest engined 'traditional' Morgan was introduced in 1968 as the V8-engined Morgan Plus 8. In 2000 Morgan introduced the extraordinary looking aluminium-bodied Aero 8 with 4.4-litre BMW V8 engine which took Morgan into a wholely new market place.
aa_Morgan 4-4 1976 4-seater badge
Morgan 4/4 1976 4-seater. Badge on tail
aa_Morgan Super Sports 1933 badge
Morgan Super Sports 1933 - badge on grille
Morgan Three Wheeler
Morgan 4 - 4, 4/4
Morgan Plus Four, Plus Four Plus
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