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Morgan Plus Four, Plus Four Plus
Morgan had introduced its first four wheel vehicle in 1936 as the 4/4, and from 1946 this used the 1256cc Standard Special engine. When this engine went out of production because Standard were concentrating on the new Vanguard model, Morgan took up this 2088cc 4-cylinder engine and produced their new Morgan Plus Four. The Plus Four was developed by the fitting of the 1991cc Triumph TR2 engine from 1954, but still using an ash frame. The flar radiator grille was also 'modernised' with a sloping cowl. From 1956 the Plus Four was given a 1991cc Triumph TR3 engine and from 1959 Disc Brakes. There was a Plus Four Super Sport in 1961 with 116bhp engine. Peter Morgan introduced the Plus Four Plus at the 1963 Earls Court Motor Show, built on a stronger chassis, an upgraded Triumph TR4 engine and a glass fibre coupe body by E.B. Plastics Ltd., of Stoke-on-Trent. Intended to be a limited edition of just 50 cars, in fact only 26 were ordered. The ordinary Plus Four continued until 1966 and was eventually replaced by the V8-engined Morgan Plus Eight in 1969. In 1985 the Plus Four is re-introduced based around a Fiat twin cam engine, and in 1988 it is given a Rover 2-litre engine and production continues until 2000. A new Ford-engined Plus Four is introduced in 2004.
aa_Morgan Plus 4 1952 badge
Morgan Plus 4 1952 - badge on the flat radiator grille
aa_Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963 badge
Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963 - badge on bonnet
aa_Morgan Plus Four 1994 badge
Morgan Plus Four 1994 - badge on grille
ac_Morgan Plus 4 1950 head
Morgan Plus 4 1950. After Standard ceased production of the 1276cc engine that Morgan had used in their 4/4 model, Morgan picked up the Standard Vanguard 2088cc engine to use in a more expensive Morgan Plus Four. The flat radiator grille existed until a faired cowling was given in 1952.
ac_Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963 head
Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963. Modern styling for the first time, a glass fibre coupe body by E.B. Plastics Ltd
Morgan Plus 4 1950 front
Morgan Plus 4 1950. Launched in 1950, the Morgan Plus Four used the new Standard Vanguard 2088cc engine, in a stronger car. Previously the Standard Special 1267cc powered the 'Morgan 4-4', but this smaller model continued as the 'Morgan 4/4' with Ford 1172cc sidevalve engine from 1955
Morgan Plus 4 1950 rear
Morgan Plus 4 1950. This is fitted with a two-seated body, there was also a less popular 4-seater body, and early Morgans were available with a drophead body.
Morgan Plus 4 drophead coupe 1950 front
Morgan Plus 4 drophead coupe 1950. A 2088cc Standard Vanguard engine was fitted to the Plus Four. The frame was built of ash wood, and front suspension was of sliding pillars.
Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963 front
Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963. A special a glass fibre coupe body by E.B. Plastics Ltd produced locally and fitted to traditional Morgan underpinnings. Sadly it gave no improvement on Morgan comforts and suffered all the compromises of the traditional cars
Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963 rear
Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963. The first time that Morgan tried to produce a 'modern' car, with enclose coupe bodywork
Morgan Plus Four 1994 front
Morgan Plus Four 1994. Powered by the Rover T16 1994 dohc engine, now with better Rover R380 gearbox
Morgan Plus Four 1996 rear
Morgan Plus Four 1996. A Rover T16 1994cc engine powered the Plus Four, with improved Rover R380 gearbox after 1995
t_Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963 tail
Morgan Plus 4 Plus 1963 - modern closed coupe body on traditional ash and steel frame
Morgan Motor Company
Standard Vanguard Phase 1 and 1a and 2
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