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Maserati Racing
The Maserati brothers' connection with Motor Racing began even before the creation of the Maserati marque in 1926. From 1914 Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, and Ernesto Maserati built Grand Prix cars for Diatto. The skills of the brothers were not just confined to engineering, as Alfieri Maserati drove the winning Maserati in the 1926 Targa Florio, and artist Mario Maserati created the Trident symbol used on the company badge. In 1937 Maserati was sold to the Orsi family, but 3 Maserati brothers continued to work for the Trident, and contributed to many wins including the 1939 and 1940 Indianapolis 500. After the War, Maserati strengthened its engineering by recruting Alberto Massimo, Guilio Alfieri, and Gioacchino Colombo from rival motor manufacturers as the Maserati brothers left to form O.S.C.A. because their 10-year contract with Orsi family had now ended. Good engineering piloted by the likes of Juan-Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss ensured many wins during the 1950s and early 1960s. Under Ferrari ownership since 1997 the Trident has returned to the track once more..
Maserati 4CS 1500 1931 rear
Maserati 4CS 1500 1931. This 4CS was manufactured as an 1100 and later re-engined as a 1500. It has a 2-seater body for sports racing, many 4CS were monoposto.
Maserati 4CS 1500 1931 front
Maserati 4CS 1500 1931. Introduced in 1931 with an 1100cc 4-cylinder dohc engine , the 4CS was designed for a new 100cc Mille Miglia formula. This 4CS was manufactured as an 1100 and later re-engined as a 1500. The engine was supercharged
Maserati T61 Birdcage 1959 front
Maserati T61 Birdcage 1959. A 2890cc 4-cylinder dohc engine was given to the Tipo 61, replacing the 4½-litre V8 used in the 450S. Developed for Le Man its unreliability counted against but there were other successes. An earlier Tipo 60 had a 2-litre engine, and Tipo 63-65 were mid-engined models.
Maserati T61 Birdcage 1959 rear
Maserati T61 Birdcage 1959. Given the nickname 'Birdcage' as a reference to the spaceframe chassis made up of 200 short aluminium tubes welded together in a form 'from which no bird could escape', the T61 was engineered by Giulio Alfieri.
Maserati Tipo 151-3 1964 front
Maserati Tipo 151/3 1964. For 1964 the Tipo 151/2 was transformed into the 151/3 with a new Pierre Drogo body designed by Allegretti that gave it 196mph down the Mulsanne straight but the car retired at Le Mans. This car is a recreation of the original built on original mechanics.
Maserati 150S and 250S
Maserati 250F
Maserati 300S
Maserati A6G/CM, A6G/CS
Maserati Cars
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