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Lamborghini Urraco and Silhouette
The Turin Salon of 1970 saw the unveiling of the Lamborghini Urraco which was intended to open up Lamborghini to cheaper Porsche 911 buyers. However the engineering was all new, and Lamborghini created a new 2462cc ohc V8 engine for the P250 Urraco, but took 3 years to develop it. 1973 was the year of the world Oil Crisis which killed off sales of thirsty cars and this limited the Urraco before it even rolled out of Modena. Lamborghini even produced a 1994cc P200 for the Italian market. In 1974 the P300 Urraco was launched with 2996cc dohc engine was launched. Urraco sales continued until 1979 with around 700 sold. Marcello Gandini designed the Urraco, and in 1976 he was asked to create the Silhouette open top version of the Urraco. This was given aggressive styling, a removable targa top, and a 'tunnel back' rear deck. This was a last ditch attempt to enter the mass market for the Urraco and it also failed, with just 52 being sold.Lamborghini launched the Jalpa to replace the Urraco and Silhouette.
aa_Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette badges
Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette - badge on side
aa_Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette badgeu
Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette - badge on rear panel
ac_Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette head
Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette. The Urraco had been designed to take Lamborgini down to Porsche 911 territory as a mini Lambo, but it didn't sell. The Silhouette version gave more power, less seats, and a more aggressive appearance; it didn't sell either.
Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette front
Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette. Marcello Gandini transformed the almost pretty Urraco into something more 'butch' with the flared arches and revised rear deck. A removal roof panel gave Lamborghini its first open top car.
Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette rear
Lamborghini Urraco Silhouette. Attempting to wring some more sales out of the Urraco development costs Marcello Gandini cut the roof off, threw out the rear seats and gave it this 'tunnel back' engine cover in place of the 'fastback' ventilated one on the Urraco.
Lamborghini Jalpa
Marcello Gandini
Ferrari 308 GTS
Maserati Merak
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