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Aston Martin
Designer: Frank Feeley
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Lagonda Cars
William Gunn left Springfield Ohio to set up a machinery business in Staines, naming it 'Lagonda' after a river in Ohio. Gunn built a few motorcycles and successfully trialed these. Then in 1907 Gunn built his 20hp Torpedo and won the 1910 Moscow-St Petersburg Trial and came back with many orders for the Torpedo. Gunn died in 1920, and the company continued with existing directors, producing the sporting twin cam 1954cc Lagonda 14/60 in 1925. The 6-cylinder 3litre model was launched in 1928, but Lagonda also bought engines from Crossley and from Meadows. By 1933 Lagonda was selling the 4½litre M45 and won Le Mans in 1935. However, the receivers were called in and Alan Good purchased Lagonda in 1935, and then prised the disenchanted WO Bentley and 2 other employees away from Rolls-Royce. The result was the LG6 and V12 cars of 1938 and 3rd and 4th place at Le Mans in 1939. In 1947 David Brown bought Lagonda (and Aston Martin), acquiring a new 6-cylinder dohc 2.6litre engine designed by WO Bentley, and body designer Frank Feeley . Both these were used in Aston Martin badged products throughout the 1950s. By the 1960s Lagonda had become a premium brand of Aston Martin only occassionally produced.
aa_Lagonda Continental 2-litre badge
Lagonda Continental 2-litre - badge
ab_Lagonda 16-80 1933 VDP badge
Lagonda 16/80 VDP 2-seat Tourer - badge
ac_Lagonda 2-6litre 1951 badge
Lagonda 2.6litre 1951 - bonnet badge
ba_Lagonda V12 1938 grille
Lagonda V12 1938 - grille. The curved top to the grille slats was new for the LG6 + V12 models.
bb_Lagonda 2-6litre 1951 grille
Lagonda 2.6litre 1951 - grille
bc_Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984 grille
Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984 - grille
Lagonda 14/60 and 2-litre
Lagonda 16/80
Lagonda M45
Lagonda LG6 and V12
Lagonda 2-6litre 'DB2'
Lagonda 3-litre 'DB3'
Lagonda Rapide
Aston Martin Lagonda
David Brown
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