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Aston Martin Lagonda
William Towns penned the Aston Martin Lagonda and Michael Loasby engineered the car that was presented at the 1976 London Motor Show. The Lagonda had digital instrumentation and computer management, the first car to do so. Known as the 'Series II', it was in fact a new 'folded paper' design for 1976, compared to his 4-door version of the DBS for 1974. A 5340cc V8 engine powered the Lagonda, and deliveries did not commence until 1979. From 1983 BBS alloy wheels were fitted, and in 1987 a Series III car was announced with new instrumentation. The Geneva Motor Show of 1987 saw the revised Aston Martin Lagonda, revisited by William Towns, de-sharpened and losing its pop-up headlamps. The Series II, III and IV Lagondas sold until 1989 with 645 leaving the plant.
ab_Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984 grille
Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984 - grille
ac_Aston Martin Lagonda head
Aston Martin Lagonda. After 1987 the pop-up headlamps were replaced (by William Towns)
Aston Martin Lagonda front
Aston Martin Lagonda. William Towns stunned the 1976 Motor Show with this wedge-shaped 4-door based on a lengthened V8 platform. It took 2 years to get the car into production.
Aston Martin Lagonda rear
Aston Martin Lagonda. From 1978 to 1989 645 Aston Martin Lagondas were sold, mainly to the Middle East. The wedge styling was not the only controversial feature of the car; the electronic dashboard was far too complex and very unreliable.
Aston Martin Lagonda Series II front
Aston Martin Lagonda Series II. The "Series I" AML had been a rare 4door version of the DBS V8, but the Series II was given the William Towns Wedge body and production started in 1978.
l_Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984 lamps
Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984 - lamps. The pop-up headlamps were lost to fixed lamps adjacent to the grille in the 1987 Series IV restyle.
s_Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984 side
Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984
w_Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984 wheel
Aston Martin Lagonda Series II 1984 - wheel. BBS alloys were fitted from 1983. This view also shows the hallmark front wing vent given to Aston Martins in the 1950s.
Designer: William Towns
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