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Gordon Keeble
The Gordon Keeble sprang from the fact that John Gordon and Jim Keeble both had an involvement with the Peerless (Warwick) GT car. This car was built by James E Byrnes and designed by Bernie Rodger, and comprised of a new tubular steel chassis with a De Dion rear axle fitted with components from a Triumph TR3 including its 1,991cc 4-cylinder engine. John Gordon was a friend of Byrnes and upon seeing the Warwick GT prototype recommended that the car should be made bigger and wider and in this form it was sold as the 'Peerless GT'. Whilst still with Peerless Gordon became involved with a project to create a model with a Chevrolet Corvette engine and two engines were acquired for this. The request for this car came from Jim Keeble, and Gordon managed to get the whole project brought into Peerless. However, boardroom disputes saw Gordon leave Peerless. Gordon and Keeble then carried on developing a chassis for the Corvette engine to become the Gordon GT, and in the winter of 1959 Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone was engaged to design a steel body for the Gordon GT and the new car was exhibited at the 1960 Geneva Salon. The prototype was tested by Chevrolet directors who promised 1,000 Corvette engines for the car. However, the project stalled until 1964 when financier George Wansbrough got the car into production now renamed 'Gordon-Keeble' and equipped with a 5.4-litre Corvette V8. Production cars were given a fibreglass body built by Williams and Pritchard instead of the steel body. With low production the Gordon-Keeble was not profitable and in 1965 the operation was bankrupt, a buyout later in the year saw a few more cars produced but the total number of Gordon Keebles sold was just 99.
aa_Gordon Keeble badgea
Gordon Keeble GK1. Using a Tortoise on the badge of a high performance car is a bit ironical. However the reason given for its choice is supposedly because a pet tortoise walked across the ground during a publicity photo shoot
aa_Gordon Keeble badgeb
Gordon Keeble - boot badge, showing the infamous Tortoise badge (one walked across in front of the photo shoot) and the Bertone 'b' badge
ab_Gordon Keeble grille
Gordon Keeble GK1 - grille
ac_Gordon Keeble GK1 head
Gordon Keeble GK1. After the first 30 cars, grilles were given just 4 upright bars. Behind the grille a 5,395cc triple barrel Chevrolet Corvette engine
Gordon Keeble GK1 frontl
Gordon Keeble GK1
Gordon Keeble GK1 frontr
Gordon Keeble GK1
Gordon Keeble rear
Gordon Keeble GK1. John Gordon had previously worked on Peerless cars, and started the GK1 on a Peerless Chassis, with help from Jim Keeble. The body was designed by Giugiaro of Bertone and built in fibreglass by Willliams and Pritchard.
l_Gordon Keeble lamp
Gordon Keeble GK1 - tail lamp (Italian)
s_Gordon Keeble GK1 side
Gordon Keeble GK1, body designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone
t_Gordon Keeble tail
Gordon Keeble GK1.
Bristol 407 and 408
Chevrolet Corvette
Giorgetto Giugiaro
Jensen C-V8
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