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Fiat X1/9, Bertone X1/9
Marcello Gandini worked on the Fiat Project X1/9, exhibiting the car as the Autobianchi A112 Runabout at 1969 Motor Shows using the rear-mounted engine and transmission from a A Fiat 128. Bertone put the X1/9 into production in 1972, now with Fiat badges on and it sold in parallel with other Fiat Spiders of the period. At launch the X1/9 had a 1290cc engine, but from 1979 a 1498cc engine was offered. Production ended in 1989, and from 1982 cars were badged as ' Bertone ' instead of 'Fiat'.
aa_Fiat  X19 1976 badge
Fiat X1/9 1976 - boot badge

aa_Fiat  X19 1978 badge
Bertone X1/9 1978. In 1978 The X1/9 was given the 1498cc engine from the Fiat Ritmo and its 5-speed gearbox

ab_aFiat  X19 badge
Fiat X1/9 1976 - bonnet badge

ab_Bertone X19 badge
Bertone X1/9 - bonnet badge. From 1982 'Fiat' badges were replaced with 'Bertone'.

ac_Bertone X19 badgec
Bertone X1/9 - c-pillar badges

Fiat X19 1976 front
Fiat X1/9 1976. Early cars, before late 1976, had simple body-coloured front spoilers, which later became larger black plastic ones.

Fiat X19 1976 rear
Fiat X1/9 1976. A 1290cc 4-cylinder engine from the Fiat 128 powered the original Fiat X1/9

Fiat X19 1982 front
Fiat X1/9. Launched in 1972 with a 1290cc mid-mounted engine, by 1982 when this one was made, the engine had grown to 1498cc. From late 1982 X1/9 cars were badged 'Bertone' instead of 'Fiat'

gBertone X19 1984 front
Bertone X1/9 S. From late 1982 Fiat handed over the X1/9 to Bertone and cars were badged 'Bertone' from then on. The two-tone paint scheme was a characteristic of the 1984 S model, which was given Cromadoro alloy wheels.

gBertone X19 1988 front
Bertone X1/9 1988. In 1988 and 1989 there were many special edition models of the X1/9. This car does not appear to be one of those.

gBertone X19 1988 rear
Bertone X1/9 1988. The taller engine cover for the Fiat Ritmo 1498cc engine can be seen in this view.

gBertone X19 1989 rear
Bertone X1/9. In 1987 the X1/9 was restyled with wide wheel arches. Production endede in 1989

s_aFiat X19 1976 side
Fiat X1/9. The purist version of the Gandini X1/9, before larger bumpers and wings etc spoiled it. The elements of Gandini's Autobianchi A112 Runabout are still recognisable.

s_Bertone X19 1985 side
Bertone X1/9 1985

t_aFiat X19 1976 tail
Fiat X1/9 1976. Engine covers were much lower for the 1290cc cars from 1973-78, and from late 1976 the rear panel ventilation slots were replaced with a grille panel beneath the bumper.

t_Bertone X19 1985 tail
Bertone X1/9 1985. This car has the US-style bumpers

t_Bertone X19 1988 tail
Bertone X1/9 1988. From 1986 cars had high-mounted rear brake lights just beneath the window spoiler.

w_aFiat X19 1976 wheel
Fiat X1/9 1976 - rear wheel and engine cooling

Fiat 128 MODELS
Fiat 128 MODELS
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