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Ferrari F355, 355 F1
The Ferrari F355 was launched in May 1994 to take over from the Ferrari 348. Using a V8 engine enlarged to 3.5litres, and given 5valves per cylinder (hence 3 5 5), the F355 was a much quicker car than either the 348 or the 512 Testarossa. Pininfarina styling continued the Testarossa cues, but softened and tamed with no side strakes leading to the rear radiators. Available either as closed Berlinetta or targa-top GTS, the F355 was offered as a Spider from 1995. In 1997 a Series II F355 was produced, visually little changed but with many engineering changes and optional 'flappy paddle' gears on the 355 F1 model.
aa_Ferrari 355 F1 Spider badge
Ferrari 355 F1 Spider - boot badge

ac_Ferrari F355 Berlinetta head
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta.

Ferrari 348 Spider rear
Ferrari 348 Spider. Launched in 1993, the 348 Spider wasn't a simple 'top chop' and had taken around 3years to develop

Ferrari 355 F1 Spider rear
Ferrari 355 F1 Spider. The F355 Spider had been launched at the 1995 Monaco Grand Prix. The Frankfurt Show of 1997 exhibited the final development of the F355, the 355 F1 with 'flappy paddle' gear change, available on Spider, Berlinetta and GTS.

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta front
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. The Ferrari 348 was replaced by the F355 in 1994. Much of the F355 was an evolution from the 348

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta fronty
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. Designed by Pininfarina , the F355 was launched in 1994 to replace the 348. Mechanically it was an evolution of the 348 with a slightly larger engine.

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta rear
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. Evolved from the Ferrari 348, the F355 enlarged the V8 engine to 3.5litres and, more importantly, gave it 5 valves per cylinder. Hence the name 3.5 litres + 5 valves.

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta rearr
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

Ferrari F355 GTS front
Ferrari F355 GTS. The F355 GTS was launched in 1995, one year after the F355 Berlinetta. It featured a removable targa top roof.

Ferrari F355 GTS rear
Ferrari F355 GTS. Mechanically the same as the F355 Berlinetta, the F355 GTS offered open-top motoring by way of a removable roof panel.

Ferrari F355 Spider rear
Ferrari F355 Spider. The F355 was launched at Montecarlo in 1995 and its elegance was much admired, hood up or down. The body was reinforced to compensate for lack of roof.

s_Ferrari F355 Spider side
Ferrari F355 Spider.

t_Ferrari 355 F1 Spider tail
Ferrari 355

t_Ferrari F355 GTS tail
Ferrari F355 GTS. The tail contained the 3496cc V8 engine which was given 5 valves per cylinder for extra power.

t_Ferrari F355 Spider tail
Ferrari F355 Spider.

Ferrari 348 TB, TS; 348 GTB, GTS
Ferrari 348 TB, TS;
348 GTB, GTS
Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari 360 Modena
Ferrari 360 Modena
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