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Ferrari Testarossa
The Ferrari Testarossa made its debut at the 1984 Paris Salon, replacing the 512i BB. Aerodynamics for the Testarossa were masterminded by Leonardo Fiorovanti, who achieved the side pods and rear-mounted radiators so important to the performance and and aerodynamics of the car. The shape of the Testarossa is attributed to Emanuele Nicosia, although others at Pininfarina contributed. Like the Ferrari 512 Boxer, a Flat-12 engine of 4,943cc powered the Testarossa. In 1992 the Testarossa was re-engineered to become the 512 TR, and then in 1994 the final versioin was launched as the 512 M. 'Testarossa' means 'red head' with the double meaning of referring to a red-headed woman and also the red cylinder head used on certain Ferrari cars.
aa_Ferrari 512 Testarossa badge
Ferrari 512 Testarossa. Testarossa means 'red head', which refers both to the red-painted cylinder heads of the flat-12 engine, as well as to the hair of a beautiful woman.

ac_Ferrari 512 TR head
Ferrari 512 TR. The 512 TR was introduced as a response to the Lamborghini Diablo and the changes included a smoother new nose with changed grille and lights.

Ferrari 512 Testarossa front
Ferrari 512 Testarossa. Given one of Pininfarina's most controversial bodies, the Testarossa replaced the Ferrari 512 Boxer, but mechanically it was an evolution of that car.

Ferrari 512 Testarossa rear
Ferrari 512 Testarossa. Derived from the Ferrari 512 Boxer, the flat-12 engine was of 4,943cc and longitudinally mounted. More powerful versions followed, such as the 512TR and 512M

Ferrari 512 Testarossa reari
Ferrari Testarossa. The original Testarossa had a 4942cc V12 quad valve engine with fuel injection giving 390bhp. Weight distribution was 60per cent rear and 40per cent front.

Ferrari 512 TR front
Ferrari 512 TR. The Testarossa was revised as the 512 TR for the 1992 Los Angeles Show. Externally a new nose indicated the 512 TR, but a lot of engineering work went into gaining more power from the engine and taming the handling.

g_Ferrari 512 Testarossa grille
Ferrari 512 Testarossa. These side strakes (sometimes called 'cheese graters') were designed to cool the cabin as well hold the engine radiators. The Testarossa was wider at the back than the front, and this aided stability.

m_Ferrari 512 Testarossa detail
Ferrari 512 Testarossa - door mirror

t_Ferrari 512 Testarossa tail
Ferrari Testarossa. Testarossa cars had a wider rear track than the front, and the whole car was almost 2-metres wide.

Leonardo Fioravanti
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