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Dino: Ferrari and Fiat
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Ferrari 328 GTB, GTS
The Ferrari 328 GTB evolved from the Ferrari 308 GTS and produced from 1985 to 1989. Using an enlarged version of the 308 engine, now at 3185cc, and in 4-valve form as standard. In 1989 the 328 evolved further into the Ferrari 348.


aa_Ferrari 328 GTB lamps
Ferrari 328 GTB - lamps

aa_Ferrari 328 GTS badge
Ferrari Dino 328 GTS - tail badge

ab_Ferrari 328 GTS badge
Ferrari 328 GTS - badge on engine cover

ab_Ferrari 328 GTS badgeb
Ferrari Dino 328 GTS - boot badge

Ferrari 328 GTB front
Ferrari 328 GTB. The 328 replaced the 308 in 1985, but the bodywork was not entirely new. Instead the 308 shell was reworked to give it a nose very like the Ferrari Mondial, and the tail was revised too.

Ferrari 328 GTB rear
Ferrari 328 GTB. Having a 3185cc version of the transverse V8 engine first introduced in 1973 for the Dino 308 GT4. . The later 348 had a longitudinal V8 engine.

Ferrari Dino 328 GTS front
Ferrari Dino 328 GTS. In production from 1985-89, the 328 was mostly a revised 308 bodyshell, main changes being to the nose and the tail. The convex 5-spoke wheels identify this as a post-1988 car with ABS.

Ferrari Dino 328 GTS rear
Ferrari Dino 328 GTS. The 328 evolved from the 308 not only in the body and chassis but also in the engine. The 308 Quattrovalvole engine was enlarged to 3185cc for the 328.

s_Ferrari 328 GTB side
Ferrari 328 GTB. Developed from the 308, the 328 used the same 308 tubular frame which itself had been developed from the Dino 206 via the Dino 308 GT4.

s_Ferrari Dino 328 GTS side
Ferrari Dino 328 GTS. The Targa-top ' Gran Turismo Spider' followed on from the very similar 308 GTS by Leonardo Fioravanti for Pininfarina. The 328 benefitted from a softening of the 308 wedge-shape and a nose and tail similar to the larger Mondial.

t_Ferrari 328 GTB tail
Ferrari 328 GTB - tail view

w_Ferrari 328 GTB wheel
Ferrari 328 GTB - wheel. This is the early pre-1988 wheel which has a flat centre

Ferrari 308 GTB, GTS
Ferrari 308 GTB, GTS
Ferrari 348 TB, TS; 348 GTB, GTS
Ferrari 348 TB, TS;
348 GTB, GTS
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