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Citroen BX
Marcello Gandini worked on the Citroën BX when Bertone were called in to develop the XB Projet which had started under Robert Opron during in the 1960s. When Citroën were taken over by Peugeot in 1976 the radical ideas of the past had to give way to technology and components that would be shared with Peugeots. The BX relied on Peugeot engines in place of flat-4 units from the GSA, and the macpherson strut chassis was jointly developed for the Peugeot 405, although the BX was given hydropneumatic suspension unlike the 405. Gandini had designed the 1979 Volvo Tundra and the 1979 Reliant FW11 and gave elements of these to the BX. Launched beneath the Eiffel Tower in 1982, the BX was available with 1360cc or 1580cc petrol engines, and then in 1985 the 1905cc GT model was offered; a 1769cc diesel was available from 1984 and then turbo diesels were fitted. Top of the range cars featured a translucent panel in the c-pillar until the 1986 revamp. Larger lights front and rear, a revised interior, and a grille in place of the front slit were some of the changes for the MkII BX from 1986. A Phase II restyle from 1989 gave smoked glass rear lamps and other trim changes. A 5-door estate car model was available from 1986, and in 1994 the BX was replaced by the Citroen Xantia.
aa_Citroen BX 19 16-valve 1990 badge
Citroën BX 1.9 16-valve 1990 - badge on rear. Note that the 16-valve model had smoked glass lamp covers right from 1987 and these were later given to other BX cars from 1992.
aa_Citroen BX 19 TZD 1992 badge
Citroën BX 1.9 TZD 1992 - badge on hatch
ac_Citroen BX 19 TZD 1992 Turbo head
Citroën BX 1.9 TZD 1992. From 1986 the BX was given combination headlamps and sidelamps, and from 1992 the front and rear lamps were given smoked glass covers.
ac_Citroen BX GT 1985 head
Citroën BX GT 1985. Given a 1.9 Peugeot Sport engine. This view shows the original seperate headlamps and small indicator lamps.
Citroen BX 16 TRS 1983 front
Citroën BX 16 TRS 1983. The BX design was by Marcello Gandini and the sharp wedge-shape design has references to the Countach and other Lamborghinis. The TRS model had a 1580cc engine and was the top model, distinguished by translucent panels in the c-pillars.
Citroen BX 16 TRS 1983 rear
Citroën BX 16 TRS 1983. This early BX has the smaller rear lamps, and the perspex panels within the c-pillars.
Citroen BX 19 16-valve 1990 rear
Citroën BX 1.9 16-valve 1990. From 1987 the 1905cc GTI engine was fitted with a dohc head to create the BX 16-valve. The car also gained smoked glass lenses for the front and rear lamps and a body kit. This body kit was later given to lesser engined 'Hurricane' special edition models in 1991/2. The low hieght of this car is because the hydropneumatic suspension has 'relaxed' after parking; it will rise again on starting the engine.
Citroen BX 19 TZD 1992 front
Citroën BX 1.9 TZD 1992. This 1992 BX shows the new frontal treatment given from 1986 with the MkII restyle. The TZD had a 1769cc turbocharged diesel engine.
Citroen BX 19 TZD 1992 rear
Citroën BX 1.9 TZD 1992. The restyled MkII BX was available from 1986, gaining larger rear lamps (which were given smoked lenses from 1989). A rear wing was given to some of the more powerful models.
Citroen BX 19 TZD 1992 Turbo front
Citroën BX 1.9 TZD Turbo 1992. Powered by a 1769cc turbocharged diesel engine. This car shows the 'phase II' restyle which included smoked glass lamps and two-tone bumpers.
Citroen BX GT 1985 front
Citroën BX GT 1985. Given a 1905cc Peugeot 105bhp Sport enginem sports suspension and gearbox, auxiliary lighting and rear spoiler. The GT was supplemented by the BX Sport in 1986 and then replaced by the fuel-injected GTi in 1986
Citroen BX TZD Turbo 1991 Hurricane front
Citroën BX TZD Turbo 1991 Hurricane, The Hurricane was a limited edition model available in 1991 and 1992, usually supplied in Triton Green and bearing the body kits from the 16-valve model and either the TZD diesel engine or the 8-valve GTI engine.
l_Citroen BX 16 TRS 1983 lamp
Citroën BX 16 TRS 1983 - rear lamp cluster of the original MkI model
l_Citroen BX 19 TZD 1992 lamp
Citroën BX 1.9 TZD 1992. New style rear lamp clusters given in 1986 for the MkII model, and then given smoked glass lenses for the 'Phase II' revamp in 1992
l_Citroen BX GT 1985 lamp
Citroën BX GT 1985 - lamps. The original small side lamps and separate rectangular headlamps, replaced in 1986 with combination units
s_Citroen BX GT 1985 side
Citroën BX GT 1985. This profile shows the angular lines of the BX design by Marcello Gandini . This pre-1986 model has the small front indicators and the perspex panel in the c-pillar
t_Citroen BX 16 TRS 1983 tail
Citroën BX 16 TRS 1983. The original Citroën BX had small lamps and simple bumpers
u_Citroen BX 16 TRS 1983 glass
Citroën BX 16 TRS 1983 - translucent panel in the c-pillar given to the upmarket models
u_Citroen BX 19 TZD 1992 Turbo panel
Citroën BX 1.9 TZD 1992. Badge on c-pillar, showing the solid pillar given to MkII cars
u_Citroen BX GT 1985 glass
Citroën BX GT 1985 - translucent panel in the c-pillar, available on the MkI TRS and GT models. The rear quarterlight proclaims that Carrozzeria Bertone were responsible for designing the BX
u_Citroen BX TZD Turbo 1991 Hurricane panel
Citroën BX TZD Turbo 1991 Hurricane - 'Hurricane' badging, note the solid c-pillar
Marcello Gandini
Citroen GS and GSA
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