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Citroen GS and GSA
Robert Opron started his work with Citroen by updating Bertoni's Citroen DS for 1968. In 1970 Opron designed the small Citroen GS. The GS was designed for the 6CV market in France, and a new 1015cc boxer 4-cylinder engine was developed for it. The design was perhaps inspired by Pininfarina's aerodynamic study for the Austin/Morris 1100. It has been said that the GS was at least a 'spiritual' successor to the Panhard Dyna cars, though it may only be coincidence that much of the format of the GS is akin to the Penhard 24CT. Clever engineering included 4 wheel discs. Voted 'European Car of the Year' in 1970, the GS was expanded in 1972 with both 3-door and 5-door estate versions. A slight restyle was given in 1977 and the 1015cc engine was replaced by a new 1129cc unit, and a new 1299cc engine. In 1980 the GS was remodelled as the GSA with a new tailgate. The GSA continued in production until 1986 with 2.5 million GS and GSA having been sold.
aa_Citroen G Special 1977 badge
Citroen G Special 1977 - badge on rear panel
aa_Citroen GS Club Break 1977 badge
Citroën GS Club Break 1977 - badge on rear panel
aa_Citroen GS Pallas 1977 badge
Citroen GS Pallas 1977 - badge on bootlid. 'Pallas' was used for the luxury models.
ac_Citroen GS 1975 Pallas head
Citroen GS 1975 Pallas. Still with the original 'honeycomb' grille (replaced in 1978), the Pallas at least benefitted from the 1220ccc engine with 1015cc engines being given to the Ami Super.
ac_Citroen GS 1977 head
Citroen GS 1977. A new front grille was fitted from 1977
Citroen GS 1972 1220 Break front
Citroen GS 1972 1220 Break. Until 1977 the GS carried this 'cellular' grille and vertically stacked triple rear lamps, this were changed in 1977.
Citroen GS 1975 Pallas front
Citroen GS 1975 Pallas. Robert Opron developed the design for the GS, although it has been compared to a Pininfarina design for an Austin 1100 replacement.
Citroen GS 1975 Pallas rear
Citroen GS 1975 Pallas. The upmarket 'Pallas' model had full size wheel trims, extra chrome and better equipment. Before 1977 rear lamps were 3 simple lenses stacked on top. The tail shows the aerodynamic Kamm tail given by Robert Opron
Citroen GS 1977 Pallas front
Citroen GS 1977 Pallas. The Pallas model was introduced in 1975 with 1,222cc and added equipment and full size wheel covers. All Citroen GS models had a minor restyle for 1977 getting a changed grille and rear lamps.
Citroen GS 1977 Pallas rear
Citroen GS 1977 Pallas.The Pallas model was introduced in 1975. All Citroen GS models had a minor restyle for 1977 getting a changed grille and rear lamps. Robert Opron's fastback design does not yet have a hatchback opening, only a conventional bootlid beneath the rear window, just like the Ami 8.
Citroen GS 1978 Pallas front
Citroen GS 1978 Pallas. The Pallas was the upmarket version of the GS, the 'Club' being the entry level model.
Citroen GS X2 1977 rear
Citroen GS 1977 X2. In 1975 the X2 special edition was launched along with the GSX model. Both were hoped to appeal to a younger buyer, the GSX having a 1015cc engine and the X2 having a mildly tuned 1222cc engine.
Citroen GSA Enterprise rear
Citroën GSA Enterprise 1980. The GS 'Service' Vans were replaced by the 'Enterprise' van for the GSA. As before the Van was based on the 3-door Break model.
Citroen GSA Pallas 1982 rear
Citroën GSA Pallas 1982
Citroen GSA Pallas SE 1983 front
Citroën GSA Pallas SE 1983
Citroen GSA Special 1982 front
Citroën GSA Spécial 1982. The G Spécial was replaced by the GSA Spécial in 1981 and given the 1299cc flat four engine
Citroen GSA Special 1982 rear
Citroën GSA Spécial 1982. The G Spécial was replaced by the GSA Spécial in 1981. The GSA saloons had a revised tailgate and rear.
Citroen GSA Special Break front
Citroën GSA Spécial Break. The Break version was also available on the GSA.
Citroen GSA Special Break rear
Citroën GSA Spécial Break. The Break version was also available on the GSA, the rear section almost unchanged from the GS Break
Citroen GSpecial 1977 front
Citroen G Special 1977 1130cc. The G Sp�cial model was launched in 1975, under cutting the Club model to become the lowest priced GS.
s_Citroen GS 1220 Break 1972 side
Citroën GS 1220 Break 1972, The Break model was introduced in 1972 and could be ordered in either 3-door of 5-door versions in some markets
s_Citroen GS Club Break 1977 side
Citroën GS Club Break 1977
s_Citroen GS X2 1977 side
Citroën GS X2 1977. This profile shows the aerodynamic shape of the GS, the best in the world at the time. Robert Opron designed the GS.
s_Citroen GSA Pallas SE side
Citroën GSA Pallas SE.
s_Citroen GSA Pallas side
Citroën GSA Pallas. Robert Opron designed the Citroën GS and it was launched in 1970 achieving the best drag coefficient of any production car. In 1979 it was revised as the GSA with a hatchback body.
t_Citroen GS 1972 1220 Break tail
Citroën GS 1220 Break 1972. The Break was available in 3-door or 5-door, and both had this full depth rear door
t_Citroen GS 1975 Pallas tail
Citroën GS Pallas 1975. The upmarket 'Pallas' model had full size wheel trims, extra chrome and better equipment.
t_Citroen GS 1978 Pallas tail
Citroën GS Pallas 1978. In 1977 the tail lamps were revised from the 3 units stacked on top to these 4 'horizontal' units. The 'C-matic' badge refers to the optional 3-speed clutch gearbox.
t_Citroen GSA Enterprise tail
Citroen GSA Enterprise. The 'Enterprise' was essentially just a GSA break without windows. It featured the same full depth rear hatch
t_Citroen GSA Pallas 1982 tail
Citroën GSA Pallas 1982. For the GSA update, the tailgate was remodelled, and no longer reached down to the bumper. Larger tail lamps were fitted.
Citroen GZ (GS Birotor)
Designer: Robert Opron
Citroen BX
Citroën CX
Panhard 24 series
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