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Designer: Robert Opron
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Citroën CX
Robert Opron's final design for Citroën was the CX in 1974. The Citroën CX was launched at the 1974 Paris Salon replacing the venerable DS. Named 'CX' after the French word for drag coefficient, it was awarded the European Car of the Year. Power was supplied by the existing 1985cc DS engine, now transversely mounted, but there was also a 2175cc unit available in the CX 2200 Berline Club. In 1976 a 2200 Diesel was added and then a 2347cc engine for the 2400 Prestige. The Prestige shared the same long wheelbase platform as the Estate model launched in 1976 and variously called the Safari or the Break. Fuel injected 2400 engines were available from 1978, and the Peugeot 2500 diesel became available. The 2000 models were given a new 1995cc engine in 1979 that was shared with Peugeot, Renault and Volvo. Series II models were launched in 1985 with new plastic bumpers. Citroën XM sallons replaced the CX in 1989 and the XM estate replaced the CX Safari in 1991
aa_Citroën CX2400 1979 badge
Citroën CX2400 1979 - badge on bootlid.
Citroen CX 2200 1976 rear
Citroën CX 2200 1976. The Citroën CX was designed as a fastback, but only the panel beneath the rear window opened as a bootlid; it was not a hatchback.
Citroen CX2200 1975 front
Citroën CX 2200 1975. Designed by Robert Opron, and nominated as 'European Car of the Year' 1975 the Citroën CX superseded the Citroën DS.
Citroën CX 25 DTR Turbo 2 1989 front
Citroën CX 25 DTR Turbo 2 1989. In 1985 the CX was launched in Series II format with new plastic bumpers and other revisions. The CX 25 Diesel was made developed into the 25 DTR (or TRD) with a 2500 Turbo Diesel.
s_Citroen CX2400 side
Citroën CX2400 1979. The CX was available with the 2400 engne from 1977. Robert Opron oversaw the design of the CX, said to have been inspired by Pininfarina's concepts for an aerodynamic Austin/Morris 1800.
s_Citroën CX  Prestige 1983 side
Citroën CX Prestige 1983. The Prestige was first offered from 1976 with a lengthened Safari body and raised roof.
s_Citroën CX 25 DTR Turbo 2 1989 side
Citroën CX 25 DTR Turbo 2 1989. The Series II CX was introduced in 1985 noticeably with plastic bumpers and changed grille.
Citroën DS and ID
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