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Buick Motor Company
The Buick Motor Company was founded by Scotsman David Dunbar Buick in Detroit, 1903, but it dated back to its manufacture of internal comustion engines and motor cars from 1899. Buick didn't stay long as James H. Whiting took over the Buick Motor Company later in 1903, moved it to Michigan and brought in William C. Durant to run it in 1904. Durant formed General Motors as a holding company for Buick in 1908, and in 1909 brought in Oldsmobile, Cadillac and other now extinct brand names. However Durant was booted out of General Motors Company in 1910, going onto start up Chevrolet and then using this to outsmart the GMC board and regain control of it as the General Motors Corporation in 1916. Cadillac was promoted as the top brand with Buick just below. Although Durant wanted the brands within GM to share technology and components, Buick did achieve a measure of independence and debuted its first straight-eight engine in 1931, and its first V8 in 1953.
aa_Buick Century 1937 badge8
Buick Century 1937 - badge on grille. All 1937 Buicks were badged 'Buick 8'
aa_Buick Special 1939 Roadster badgeb
Buick Special 1939 Roadster - badge on bootlid. All Buicks had an inline 8-cylinder engine, but the Special had a smaller engine than the Century, Limited and Roadmaster
aa_Buick Special 1955 Sedan badgea
Buick Special 1955 Sedan - badge on bonnet
v_Buick Roadmaster Dynaflow 1949 Convertible vents
Buick Roadmaster Dynaflow 1949 Convertible - VentiPorts. Designer Ned Nickles fitted four lights on each side of his Buick, wired to flash with each cylinder to simulate the firing of the engine. On seeing these Harlow Curtice sanctioned fitting them onto production cars, and although they might have provided ventilation within weeks they became non-functional. Larger engined Buicks were given 4 VentiPorts whereas less models only got 3.
v_Buick Special 1955 Sedan vents
Buick Special 1955 Sedan. These 'ventiports' were first given to Buick in 1949, and filtered down from the larger models to the smaller cars.
Buick Eight 1936-41
Buick 1941-49
Buick Special, Super and Roadmaster 1949-53
Buick Special and Century 1954-8
Buick Special and Century 1957-8
Buick Invicta 1959-63
Buick Invicta 1959-63
Buick Electra
Buick LeSabre 1961 - 64
Buick Limited 1958
Buick Riviera
Buick Roadmaster 1936-58
Buick Special 1936-59
Buick Super 1936-59
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