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Wartburg (EMW)
The first Wartburg was a 'Wartburgwagen' produced by Automobilwerk Eisenach in 1898, but from 1904 they began selling cars as 'Dixi' and from 1927 produced the Auystin Seven under licence. In 1928 BMW bought out Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach A.G. (the makers of the Dixi), and BMW name soon took over on products as the blue propellor manufacturer BMW started to take on vehicles with four wheels, adding to its motorcycle and aircraft related products. BMW also manufactured its motorcycles at the Eisenach plant and during the War made both motorcycles and aircraft engines for the German military. In 1945 production resumed at Eisenach with pre-war BMW designs still badged 'BMW' until an injunction forced the renaming as 'EMW' (Eisenach Motorenwerk) in 1952. Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau (IFA) was the umbrella company for EMW and alongside the EMW products it started producing the IFA F8 at its Zwickau factory, which was just a version of the pre-war DKW F8 that had previously been built there. In 1950 the successor to the F8, the IFA F9 went into production at Eisenach, this being created from a secret pre-war DKW F9 prototype that would also be separately developed under the DKW badge across the Iron Curtain. This IFA F9 formed the basis of the new Wartburg 311 launched in 1956 with a 3-cylinder 910cc two stroke engine from the F9. The F8 twin cylinder engine was developed into the Trabant 600cc engine. In 1965 the Wartburg Knight replaced the 311, retaining the same two stroke engine but now wrapped in a modern new body. The fall of the Berlin Wall rung the death knell for Wartburg as there was no place for a two stroke engine in pollution conscious Europe, and even though an attempt was made to market a Wartburg with a VW engine, the badge was dead by 1991.
aa_Wartburg 1000 1966 badgea
Wartburg 311 - badge on bonnet. 'Wartburg' was a brand name named after the Wartburg Castle which overlooks the town of Eisenach were Wartburgs were made. 'VEB Automobilwerk Eisenach' is the name of the state-owned company that came to control what had been DKW and had been BMW before the Iron Curtain. This company ended in 1990 with the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Wartburg 311
Wartburg 353 Knight
Trabant 601
DKW + Auto Union 1000 S
Soviet Cars
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (B.M.W.)
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