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Trabant 601
Built in East Germany (Sachsenring, Saxony) from 1957 to 1991, the 601 was introduced in 1964 and there was an Estate (Universal) version announced at the same time. A 600cc 2-cylinder two-stroke engine drives the front wheels. The engine uses vacuum pressure to draw in fuel and exhaust gases and so does not have a camshaft. The engine evolved from the pre-war DKW F8 2-cylinder unit that had been made at Zwickau before the Soviet take over. Being air-cooled, there is no radiator, and even fuel is gravity fed so there is no fuel pump. 'Trabant' is German for either 'Companion' or 'Satellite' and this name was given after the success of Sputnik. The body is constructed of a steel frame with outer panels made from duroplast which is a bonding of recycled wool and other materials with plastic resins.
aa_Trabant 601 badgea
Trabant 601 S - badge. The 'S' stands for 'VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke'the manufacturer of Trabant in Zwickau, Saxony, East Germany.
aa_Trabant 601 badgeb
Trabant 601 Universal - badge on hatch. The name 'Trabant' means Satellite or Companion in German, and may also have referred to the Sputnik satellite.
ac_Trabant 601 S head
Trabant 601 S. Powered by a two-stroke 600cc engine,the engine used vacuum pressure to power intake and exhaust and thus did away with the need for a camshaft or a belt drive. Being air-cooled there were no radiators, and even the fuel was fed by gravity so that the fuel pump was deleted.
Trabant 601 Kubel front
Trabant 601 Kubel. This open version was added in 1966 for use by the military or within forests. It was front wheel drive only as the 601 S
Trabant 601 S front
Trabant 601 S. Powered by a two-stroke 600cc engine, and clothed in plastic and wool panels, the Trabant lasted from 1960 to 1991 with 3 million being built
Trabant 601 S rear
Trabant 601 S. The 'S' version boasted some extras over the standard version, but the later deluxe version had two tone paint and chrome bumpers. The Duraplast body panels mounted on a steel frame were actually quite good in crash tests.
Trabant 601 Universal front
Trabant 601 Universal. Introduced in 1965, the Estate version was a good seller
Trabant 601 Universal rear
Trabant 601 Universal. Introduced in 1965, the Estate version was a good seller
Trabant P-601 front
In the 1964, the new "P-601" was launched. This is the most famous Trabant, the model that's remained in production for almost 30 years, without important modifications. The coachwork is always in plastic. The "P-601" was an example of extreme essentiality: no valves, no camshaft, no timing belt (the engine is a two stroke), no oil pump, no water pump, no radiator (air cooled)! The gearbox has four speeds (three on the previous "P-50"); there is the electronic ignition, and the Trabant, even in this great simplicity, was one of the first cars with this system.
Trabant P-601 rear
Trabant P-601
x_Trabant 601 S side
Trabant 601 S. Some 3 million Trabants were sold, and customers could wait up to 10 years to receive theres. Trabants were long-lasting, perhaps because their owners had waited so long that they looked after them.
x_Trabant 601 Universal side
Trabant 601 Universal. The estate version of the 601 was introduced in 1965, and sold about 500,000 over the years. Trabants had a payload of 1000kg and the Universal could hold 1400 litres inside.
DKW + Auto Union 1000 S
Soviet Cars
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