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Flying Standards
Flying Standards got their name from the new flag badge which seemed to be 'flying'. Models were introduced during 1936 beginning with the Flying Twelve (1609cc sv), Flying Sixteen (2143cc), and Flying Twenty (2664cc 6-cylinder). Later in 1936 a new Flying Twelve was launched with a lighter and smaller body, and the related Flying Ten (1343cc sv). All these cars had a beetle-back body. A Flying Nine was added in 1936 with an 1131cc engine and in 1938 the smaller Flying Eight, and finally the 1776cc Flying Fourteen whose engine was used by the Jaguar 1½-litre and which replaced the Sixteen in 1937. Fisher and Ludlow produced most of the bodies, but Mulliners of Bordesley Green made Drophead Coupes on Tens, Twelves and later Eights. Carbodies made open tourer bodies on the smaller cars. The beetle-back bodies were replaced with notchback bodies. There was a Flying Twenty V8 with 2686cc engine but few were sold. 'Waterfall' grilles were given to all models for 1938, with the Flying Ten Super, Flying Twelve Super and the new Flying Eight being given independent front suspension. There were Utility versions of Twelve and Fourteen models through the war years. In 1945 production resumed of the Eight, Twelve and Fourteen, the 'Flying' name being dropped, and in 1948 production of all these models gave way to Triumph Renown, Roadster and Standard Vanguard models.
a_Standard 10-12 Speedline Saloon 1935
Standard 10-12 Speedline Saloon 1935. Consisting of a 10hp chassis fitted with a tuned version of the 12hp 1,608cc engine, the 10/12 Speedline was a new model for the rather staid Standard Motor Company. The pretty coupe body helped to develop the 'Flying' Standards that were launched in 1935
Standard Flying Eight
Standard Flying Nine
Standard Flying Ten
Standard Flying Twelve
Standard Flying Fourteen
Standard Flying Twenty
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