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Mulliners of Birmingham
Henry Mulliner founded a carriage building business in Leamington Spa and Northampton and published a book on Carriage builders in 1883. In 1887 son Arthur Felton Mulliner took over the Northampton Mulliners business when his father died. The Leamington Spa business was moved to Birmingham in 1887 by son Henry Hall Mulliner, and this business began building car bodies in 1897. But HH Mulliner also went into the manufacture of scientific instruments and entered into several joint ventures until they were all amalgamated into Cammell Laird in 1903. In 1909 HH Mulliner was forced out of Cammell Laird after a scandal, but his coachbuilding business continued by concentrating on large production runs instead of bespoke bodywork. Mulliners was taken over by Calthorpe Motors in 1917, and in 1924 bought out by the managing director and formed into Mulliners Limited. The company went on to produce bodies for Austin and Clyno, then Hillman, Humber, Standard and Lanchester, and secured contracts with Daimler and Lanchester for their cheaper models whilst Arthur Mulliner of Northampton made the more bespoke coachwork. In the 1950s Alvis, Armstrong Siddeley and Triumph had Mulliner bodies, and Standard-Triumph bought Mulliners in 1958 then closed it in 1960.
Alvis Mulliner Coachwork
Bedford OB Mulliner Coach 1949
Bedford OB Mulliner Coach 1949. Coachwork by Mulliners of Bordesley Green
Daimler Coachwork by HJ Mulliner
s_MG SA Saloon side
MG SA Saloon. Cecil Kimber commissioned Mulliners of Bordesley Green to design this beautiful saloon coachwork. Tickfords produced a Drophead Coupe and a 2-door convertible by Charlesworth.
Standard 10 Companion Estate rear
Standard 10 Companion Estate. Standard gave their estate a conventional side-hinged rear door for their estate; other makers sometimes used split tailgates. Fisher and Ludlow built the Standard bodies, but the estate rear was fitted by Mulliners of Bordesley Green
Standard Flying 12 DHC front
Standard Flying Twelve DHC. The Twelve had many parts in common with the Standard Ten, but benefited from a larger 1608cc engine. The Drophead Coupe body was produced by Mulliners of Bordesley Green
Triumph Coachwork by Mulliner Ltd
u_Standard Vanguard Phase Ia Estate side
Standard Vanguard Phase Ia Estate. Estate and Vans (which was essentially the same silhouette), were built by Mulliners of Bordesley Green.
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