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Singer Cars
George Singer diversified from cycles to cars in 1905 and made respectable cars for fifty years. One of their young apprentices was William Edward Rootes, later to become the owner. Just before the First World War Singer had launched the Singer Ten at a time when much larger cars, 12 and 14hp were the staple of many companies. It brought them sales and they continued with 9 and 10hp cars as their main business. In the 1930s Singer pioneered independent front suspension and a clutchless gearchange, and their engines had overhead cams at a time when sidevalves were the norm. But technical innovation was often not profitable and in 1955 Singer agreed to join the Rootes Group. The new Singer Gazelle in 1956 kept its ohc engine for a future years before becoming just a rebadged Hillman Minx. The 'Singer' badges stopped being stuck onto Rootes cars in 1970, and within a few years it was Chrysler and then Talbot that appeared on the cars instead.
a_Singer 10-26 grille
Singer 10/26 - radiator
a_Singer Nine Sports grille
Singer Nine Sports
ab_Singer Gazelle III grille
Singer Gazelle III convertible - grille
ab_Singer Gazelle Series VI grille
Singer Gazelle Series VI - the Gazelle Series V was restyled but kept the existing 'heart-shaped' grille. In 1965 the Series VI was given a much flatter grille.
ab_Singer Junior 1928 grille
Singer Junior 1928 - the early grille, here plated, the 1926 cars had painted grilles.
Singer 10/26
Singer Junior
Singer Nine Roadster
Singer SM1500, Hunter
Singer Nine Roadster
Singer Super Ten
Singer Gazelle
Singer Chamois
Singer Gazelle and Vogue 'Arrows'
Singer Vogue
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