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Sabra and Reliant Sabre
Reliant's entry into the sportscar market was almost accidental, and only due to their expertise with fibreglass. It started in Israel when Yitzhak Shiubinsky of the Israeli company Autocars Ltd asked Reliant to build a prototype car based on a chassis by Les Ballamy and a body by Ashley Laminates. Reliant developed the concept, fitting the Ford Consul 1703cc engine, and the 'Sabra' was shown at New York in 1961 intending to drum up business for an Israeli production of these cars for export to America. The Autocars company was not ready for production, so Reliant were asked to produce 50 Sabras as completely Knocked kits for assembly in Israel, but also produced cars sold direct to America. Reliant decided to make their own version of the Sabra and launched this at Earls Court in 1961 as the Reliant Sabre (SE1). The SE1s were open two seaters, but towards the end of SE1 production a fastback model was introduced and the nose modified. In 1962 the SE2 model was launched as the Reliant Sabre Six, now with improved suspension, restyled body, and the Ford Zephyr 2553cc 6-cylinder engine. The Reliant Sabre was replaced by the Reliant Scimitar in 1964 when Reliant capitalised on an Ogle design project rejected by Daimler.
aa_Reliant Sabra 1960 badge
Autocars Sabra 1964 - badge on bonnet. The Cactus was the badge of the Israeli company Autocars Ltd. Reliant's connection with Autocars Ltd predates the Sabra as Reliant helped to create the first Autocars Sussita which was a kind of Reliant Regal MkIII with four wheels and a Ford Anglia engine.
aa_Reliant Sabre 1962 badge
Reliant Sabre 1962 - badge on rear panel
aa_Reliant Sabre 1963 badgeb
Reliant Sabre Six 1963 - badge on bonnet
aa_Reliant Sabre Six1963 badge
Reliant Sabre Six 1963 - badge on rear panel
ac_Reliant Sabre 1960 head
Reliant Sabra 1960. This is the prototype Sabra which was created out of an Ashley Laminates concept that was based around the diminutive Ford 1172cc side valve engine. With Reliant's expertise it was developed for Ford's 1703cc Consul engine.
ac_Reliant Sabre Six 1964 head
Reliant Sabre Six 1964. In 1962 the Sabre Six was launched with the Ford Zephyr 2,553cc six cylinder engine. The Les Ballamy independent front suspension was also changed for Triumph TR4 suspension after a contract difference with Ballamy.
Sabra 1964 front
Autocars Sabra 1964. The Autocars Sabra was the aim of the project given by Autocars to Reliant, and Reliant built some of these as completely knocked down kits for assembly in Israel, as well as some which Reliant built fully for export to America.
Reliant Sabre 1960 front
Reliant Sabra 1960. This is the prototype SAbra developed for Autocars Ltd in Israel. The chassis and suspension had been developed by Les Ballamy and the body was by Ashley Laminates, but Reliant developed both further and fitted the Ford Consul 1703cc engine in place of the original 1172cc sidevalve unit.
Reliant Sabre 1962 front
Reliant Sabre 1962. Launched in 1961 the Reliant Sabre had a pointed nose which was criticised and was thus revised to this later form. Under the bonnet was a mildly tuned Ford Consul 1,703cc 4-cylinder engine, and independent front suspension to a design by Leslie Ballamy.
Reliant Sabre 1962 rear
Reliant Sabre 1962. The Reliant Sabre was launched at the 1961 Earls Court Motor Show and sold only as an open roadster at the start.
Reliant Sabre Six 1963 race
Reliant Sabre Six 1963
Reliant Sabre Six 1963 rear
Reliant Sabre Six 1963. A competition version of the Sabre Six, emulating the Works Rally Team cars which competed with some success in 1963 and 1964
Reliant Sabre Six 1964 frontg
Reliant Sabre Six 1964. The Sabre Six used the new shorter front for better looks, and the coupe (or saloon) body was built for all but 2 of the Sabre Six cars.
Reliant Sabre Six 1964 rearg
Reliant Sabre Six 1964. The origins of the Ashley GT body can be seen in this view of the Sabre Six saloon. Reliant sold 75 of the Sabre Six saloon and just 2 of the Sabre Six roadster.
t_Reliant Sabre 1962 side
Reliant Sabre Six 1964. The 'saloon' version of the Sabre Six was the most popular with 75 out of the 77 being saloons, whereas only 4 of the Sabre 4 saloons were sold.
LMB Ballamy Ford 1937
LMB Ballamy Ford 1937. Leslie Ballamy built this special in 1937 using a Mercury 4,100cc V8. He gave the car his own split axle independent front suspension which subsequently was taken up by Allard and for the Reliant Sabre.
Ashley Cars
Ford Consul MkII (204E)
Reliant Scimitar
Reliant Scimitar Sabre
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