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Ford Consul MkII (204E)
Ford takes the large car down to the masses with a price-cut version of the Zephyrs. Colin Neale took charge of the styling for Ford's '3 Graces', the MkII versions of the Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac cars. Launched in early 1956, the Zephyr and Zodiac went into production first with 2553cc 6-cylinder engines, followed by the Consul with its 1703cc 4-cylinder engine. Carbodies of Coventry built convertible versions of the cars, and ED Abbotts of Farnham turned the cars into Estate cars. In 1958 revisions were made to the cars, including lowering the roof by 1.5inches to create the 'lowline' version. In 1961 the Consul was slightly restyled and renamed 'Consul 375'.
aa_Ford Consul 1958 badge
Ford Consul lowline - badge
aa_Ford Consul 1962 badge
Ford Consul 375 1962 - rear lamp. Larger rear lamps were given to the run-out Consul model. The new Ford Consul Classic was about to go on sale, and this was dubbed 'Ford Consul 315 Classic'.
aa_Ford Consul 204E 1956 badgeb
Ford Consul MkII (204E) - bonnet badging
ac_Ford Consul 1957 head
Ford Consul 1957. The 'highline' model was sold from 1956-58. Deluxe versions were offered with more brightwork and two tone paintwork. The grille of the Consul closely resembles that of the Ford Thunderbird with which designer Colin Neale would have been familiar.
ac_Ford Consul 1958 head
Ford Consul 1958. As well as a lower roofline, the later Consuls got more chrome, with a bigger frame for the windscreen and chrome headlamp cowls.
Ford Consul 1956 front
Ford Consul 1956. Of all the '3 Graces' lauched by Ford Dagenham, the Consul shows best how the design by Colin Neale owed something to his familiarity with the Ford Dearborn Thunderbird and Fairlane.
Ford Consul 1956 rear
Ford Consul 1956. As originally launched, the MkII Consul was devoid of almost all chrome, items being painted instead. Later models were given more glitter
Ford Consul 1957 front
Ford Consul highline. Early Consuls had a higher roof, later revised in the 'lowline' models.
Ford Consul 1957 rear
Ford Consul highline. The original Consul had a higher roof line and smaller lamp clusters than the later 'lowline' model. The two-tone finish and chrome trim on this model were an attempt by Ford to give the Consul the style of the Zodiac for a cheaper price.
Ford Consul 1958 front
Ford Consul Lowline (204E). In 1959 the MkII bodywork was changed for Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac giving it a lower roof line, hence "Lowline"
Ford Consul 1958 rear
Ford Consul Lowline (204E). As well as a lower roofline, the "Lowline" 1959 Consul also got larger rear lights
Ford Consul 1962 375 rear
Ford Consul 1962 '375'. In 1961 Ford upgraded the Consul MkII giving it new rear lamps and optional two tone paintwork with extra chrome. This gave the '375' model the appearance of a Zodiac for much less money
l_Ford Consul 1956 lampb
Ford Consul 1956 - rear lamp. Until 1968 the rear lamps had bezels painted in body colour.
l_Ford Consul 1957 lamp
Ford Consul 1957- smaller rear lamp cluster on the 'highline' models. The chrome bezel came with deluxe options
l_Ford Consul 375 1960 lamp
Ford Consul 375 rear lamp. This lamp was plagiarised from the American Ford Thunderbird
s_Ford Consul 1956 side
Ford Consul 1956. This is the original 'highline' model, so called because in 1958 a restyle was made and the roof lowered by 1.5 inches to create the later 'lowline' model.
s_Ford Consul 1961 375 side
Ford Consul '375' 1961
t_Ford Consul 1962 375 tail
Ford Consul 375 1962
Ford Consul MkI, MkII
Ford Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac MkII (204E/206E)
Ford Zephyr 4 (211E)
Designer: Colin Neale
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