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Peerless (Warwick) GT
Bernie Rodger designed the 'Warwick GT' as an alloy-bodied GT car built on a tubular space frame with Triumph TR3 mechanics. John Gordon joined the project and said that it needed to be bigger and wider for the market, and these changes were made. One consequence of this was that Bernie Rodger was able to give the new Peerless a De Dion rear axle, making it superior to the TR3. Production started in 1958 with the car renamed 'Peerless GT', and the body moulded in fibreglass by James Whitson Ltd. A Peerless GT finished 16th in the 1958 Le Mans 24hour race. The Peerless was expensive to make and the quality deemed unsatisfactory and in 1959 a new Phase II model was launched. Wincanton Transport and Engineering Company were contracted to do the fibreglass body of the Phase II and managed to create an almost one-piece body which was stronger and lighter and of higher quality. Boardroom disputes led to walk outs and eventually component suppliers withdrew their support. But that wasn't the end of the story, and Bernie Rodger re-started production with a revised model now named 'Warwick' but only about 40 were sold. The tubular spaceframe went on to become the basis of the Gordon Keeble GK1 after Jim Keeble and John Gordon had given a Peerless GT a Buick V8 engine.
aa_Peerless GT Phase I 1958 badge
Peerless GT Phase I 1958 - badge on bonnet. Named after Peerless Motors, Bath Road Slough a failed Jaguar dealership bought out to manufacture the car. In fact Peerless Motors had been set up just after The Great War to sell war surplus Peerless trucks from America
ab_Peerless GT Phase I 1958 grille
Peerless GT Phase I 1958 - grille. The 'P' emblem was only used on Phase 1 cars and a different grille was given on Phase II cars
ac_Peerless GT Phase I 1958 head
Peerless GT Phase I 1958. Standard Triumph had inspected the 1957 Paris Salon show car, and agreed to supply the Triumph TR3 engine and other components for the Peerless, so production began in 1958
Peerless GT Phase I 1958 front
Peerless GT Phase I 1958. Peerless went into production in 1958 with this GT powered by a Triumph 1,991cc 4-cylinder engine
Peerless GT Phase I 1958 rear
Peerless GT Phase I 1958. The original Peerless (actually named 'Warwick') was built of a tubular steel chassis with an aluminium body. Production versions from 1958 were wider and longer and had a body built of dozens of fibreglass panels.
Peerless GT Phase I 1959 front
Peerless GT Phase I 1959. The Phase I body was comprised of 57 separate fibreglass pieces that had to be joined together. Later Phase II cars had a one-piece fibreglass body
Peerless GT Phase I 1959 rear
PPeerless GT Phase I 1959. Sales of the Peerless during in 1959 were enhanced by the Class winning performance, and 16th overall, of the 1958 Le Mans Peerless.
s_Peerless GT Phase I 1959 side
Peerless GT Phase I 1959
t_Peerless GT Phase I 1959 tail
Peerless GT Phase I 1959
Gordon Keeble GK1
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