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NSU Sport Prinz and Wankel Spider
The Sport Prinz was exhibited at the 1959 Paris Salon alongside the Prinz II on which it was based. Design was by Franco Scaglione at Bertone. This little coupe was given a 36bhp version of the 598cc twin cylinder engine. Production commenced at Bertone's plant in Italy in 1959 and ran until 1962. Simultaneously in Germany the coachbuilder Drauz who had previously built bodies for NSU from 1900 also was contracted to build the Sport Prinz and continued until 1967; they were bought by NSU in 1965. In 1964 the Wankel Spider was launched with a convertible body based on the Sport Prinz, but few panels are interchangeable. The Spider was given a 497.5cc single rotor Wankel engine producing 50bhp. The world's first Wankel-engined production car. 2375 NSU Wankel spiders were produced until 1967. This little NSU pioneered Wankel car development and led to the twin rotor NSU ro80.
aa_NSU Spider Wankel badgeb
NSU Spider Wankel - badge on bonnet
aa_NSU Spider Wankel badges
NSU Spider Wankel - badge on wing
aa_NSU Spider Wankel badgew
NSU Spider Wankel - badge on bootlid. Felix Wankel began experimenting with his rotary internal combustion engine in the 1930s, before joining NSU Motorwerken in 1951. His first rotary engine was demonstrated in 1957, but the first production car, the NSU Wankel Spider, only went on sale in 1964.
NSU Spider Wankel front
NSU Spider Wankel. Sport Prinz was designed by Franco Scaglione at Bertone studios in Turin. Approximately 20,831 were manufactured between 1959 and 1967. The first 250 bodies were built by Bertone in Turin. The rest were built in Neckarsulm at a company called Drauz which was later bought by NSU. The Wankel Spider used a a convertible version of the Sport Prinz body.
NSU Spider Wankel rear
NSU Spider Wankel. Carrozzeria Bertone built the first Sport Prinz bodies in Turin. The rest were built in Neckarsulm at a company called Drauz which was later bought by NSU. The Spider Wankel used an open version of the Sport Prinz body, which had a 497cc single rotor engine almost under the boot floor. 2375 were made 1964-67.
Wankel Rotary Engines
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