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MG Midgets, C-type, D-Type, J-Type.
The 847cc M-type Midget of 1928 was followed by a series of cars to cash-in on its success. The C-type of 1931 was a limited edition racer to celebrate the speed records set at Montlhery in 1931. In 1931 a more practical road-going car followed the C-type and this was the D-type sold in 1931 and 1932. The D-type gave way to the road-going J1 Midget in 1932 and its racing sibling the J2, all still using the 847cc engine.
aa_MG C-type Montlhery Midget badge
MG C-type Montlhery Midget - badge and radiator cap

ab_MG C-type Montlhery Midget grille
MG C-type Montlhery Midget - grille

ab_MG J2 Midget grille
MG J2 Midget - grille

MG C-type Montlhery Midget front
MG C-type Montlhery Midget. In 1930 a special Midget was created to win the 750cc speed record. This used a 750cc supercharged version of the 847cc M-type Midget overhead cam engine. In 1931 George Eyston achieved over 103mph on the 5km Montlery track to gain the class H records.

MG C-type Montlhery Midget rear
MG C-type Montlhery Midget. Having a reduced but highly tuned 746cc version of the 847cc M-type engine, the C-type was pure racer. 44 were built.

MG D-type front
MG D-type. Produced for only one year, 1931-2, the D-type was mechanically an 847cc M-type Midget, with a chassis developed from the racing C-type. Only available as a 4-seat open tourer or a closed coupe, it was a little heavy to be a racer.

MG J1 Midget 1933 front
MG J1 Midget 1933. Developed from the C-type, the J1 Midget was launched in 1932 as a road car and its J1 sibling was the competition version.

MG J1 Midget 1933 rear
MG J1 Midget 1933. The wooden dashboard and heavy bodywork were intended for touring, the lighter J2 was the competitor

MG J2 Midget 1932 front
MG J2 Midget. Developed from the C-type, the J2 Midget was launched in 1932 as a car intended for sports events. It was powered by an ex-Wolseley 847cc engine also used in the M-type and given an 8port head.

MG J2 Midget 1933 front
MG J2 Midget 1933. The 1932 J2 had cycle wings, but in 1933 these swooping wings were given, no doubt more practical for road use.

MG J2 Midget 1933 rear
MG J2 Midget 1933. Designed to be a competition version of the J1 Midget, the J2 had a twin hump scuttle and fold-down windscreen. The large wings took over from the cycle wings of the 1932 version.

n_MG C-type Montlhery Midget inside
MG C-type Montlhery Midget. Cockpit of the C-type Midget racer

s_MG J2 Midget side
MG J2 Midget. Unlike the J1 Midget, the J2 was more 'hardcore', cut-down to a basic body well suited to competition. Sold from 1932-34, 2083 were produced.

MG N-Type Magnette
MG N-Type Magnette
MG M-type Midget
MG M-type Midget
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