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Iso Rivolta
Isothermos started making refrigeration units in Genoa in 1939, but Renzo Rivolta took the company to Bresso in 1942. In 1948 Iso started to build motorcycles and variants of these including Furetto, Isoscooter,' Isocarro, Isomoto and Isosport. At the 1953 Turin show the 'Isetta' was shown, a 3-wheeled bubble car' with a scooter engine. In 1954 the Isetta was licensed to Germany (BMW Isetta), France (VELAM Isetta), Brazil and Britain. Faster cars came in 1962 when Renzo Rivolta teamed up with Bizzarrini, Giugiaro, and Bertone and Chevrolet V8 was the source of this GT car. This formula continued with later Ford V8 cars. In 1973 Iso Rivolta passed from the Rivolta family into an American financial company and faded away.
aa_Iso Grifo 1967 badgeb
Iso Grifo 1967 - badge on bonnet. Iso Rivolta adopted the heraldic Griffin badge when it started making high performance cars.
aa_Iso Rivolta Fidia badgeg
Iso Rivolta Fidia - badge on grille
aa_Iso Rivolta Fidia badger
Iso Rivolta Fidia - badge on bootlid. 'Iso' refers to the Isothermos refrigerator factory that Renzo Rivolta acquired in 1939, and 'Rivolta' refers to his family name. Renzo Rivolta was succeeded by his son Piero Rivolta in 1966.
aa_Iso Rivolta Fidia badgex
Iso Rivolta Fidia - Griffin badge between the c-pillar vents.
aa_Iso Rivolta Lele IR6 Sports badge
Iso Rivolta Lele IR6 Sports - bonnet badge
Iso Rivolta Fidia
Iso Rivolta Grifo
Iso Rivolta Lele
Bizzarrini 5300 GT
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