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Invicta Cars
The Invicta car company was an on, off, on company from 1925 until about 1950. Founded by Noel Macklin at Chobham, Surrey in 1925 the first car used a Meadows 2½-litre ohc 6-cylinder engine in a car that was designed to have performance but also be docile and easy to drive. This car was upgraded to 3-litre in 1926 and a 4½-litre car was launched in 1928 still with a Meadows engine. Invicta cars ceased production around 1935 and Noel Macklin started up Railton from the Chobham works. In 1946 the 'Invicta' was dusted off and stuck onto an extraordinary car that was only connected to the original Invicta company by also employing designer W G J Watson. This Invicta company was absorbed by AFN Ltd in 1950 and there have been attempts to produce vehicles under that name again.
aa_Invicta 3-litre 1925 badge
Invicta 3-litre 1925 - badge on radiator
aa_Invicta A-type 1930 badge
Invicta A-type 1930 - badge. The Knight ornament is based on the White Knight figure featured in Edmund Spenser’s 16th Century allegorical epic romance ‘The Faerie Queen’.
ab_Invicta 3-litre 1925 grille
Invicta 3-litre 1925 - grille. Invicta quickly settled on the 2972cc 6-cylinder Meadows engine which had overhead valves and gave 96bhp. This engine was soon uprated to 4½-litres for later Invictas and Lagonda cars.
ab_Invicta A-type 1930 grille
Invicta A-type 1930 - grille. A 4½-litre 'Type 6' Meadows engine was fitted behind this grille, and also to the Lagonda LG45.
Invicta 3-litre 1925 front
Invicta 3-litre 1925. Noel Macklin built a prototype car using a 2-litre Coventry-Climax engine, but when his project received backing from the Lyle family (of Tate & Lyle Sugar), he quickly switched to a Meadows engine. Invicta cars were quite expensive, and were only supplied as chassis for the customer to have a body coachbuilt; this one is by Cadogan, others were supplied by Carbodies and Vanden-Plas
Invicta Black Prince
Invicta A-type, S-type
Railton Cars
Buick Invicta 1959-63
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