Ford Commercial Vehicles
Henry Ford had invented the brand 'Fordson' (from Henry Ford and Son) for his new Tractor factory after leaving the Ford Motor Company in 1917. Back at the helm in 1919, Henry Ford transferred Tractor production to Cork and then to Dagenham, and Ford commercial vehicles started to be built in Britain as 'Fordson' until 1939. After 1965 Ford commercials were simply badged as 'Ford'.
aa Ford 402E 15cwt 1965 Van badge
Ford 402E 15cwt 1965 Van. The 'Thames' badge was dropped in 1965 for a 'Ford' badge.
Ford 402E 15cwt 1965 Van front
Ford 402E 15cwt 1965 Van. 15cwt models were '402E' and Perkins Diesels '406E'. From 1963 the Vans gained the more powerful 1,703cc engine from the Ford Zephyr 4 and a 4-speed gearbox was optional.
Ford Anglia 307E 1967 7cwt Van front
Ford Anglia 307E 1967 7cwt Van. In 1961 5cwt (305E) and 7cwt (307E) Van versions of the 105E Anglia saloon became available, using 40 or 35bhp versions of the 997cc engine. From 1965 the 'Thames' name was dropped and 'Anglia' was used.
Ford D200 1972 Flatbed
Ford D200 1972 Flatbed, powered by 2,995cc diesel engine
Ford Escort 1968 6cwt Van front
Ford Escort 1968 6cwt Van. The Escort Van was powered by a 1,298cc 'Kent' engine
Ford Transit 1977 Diesel Van front
Ford Transit 1977 Diesel Van. The Diesel Van was given a longer nose because the 2.5-litre 4-cylinder York Diesel was longer thyan the V4 petyrol engine.