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Ford Prefect E93A
In 1937 the Model CX was superceded by the Ford 7W 10hp designed in England. The 7W used the same 1172cc 10hp engine as the Model CX, and was available in 2-door and 4-door versions, the 2-door resembling the 7Y 8hp. In 1938 the E93A replaced the 7W and was given the name 'Ford Prefect' to fit in with Ford's new naming policy ('Ford Pilot' and 'Ford Anglia' were part of this naming). After the war the Ford Prefect was revised with integral headlamps and a new grille, and the four door body was the main product. In 1953 the new modern Ford Prefect version of the Ford 100E range replaced these 1930s cars.
aa_Ford Prefect E93A badgea
Ford 10 Prefect (E93A) - badge on grille. 'Prefect' was the first name given to a British Ford, and a bit easier to remember than 'Ford 7W 10hp'.
aa_Ford Prefect E93A badger
Ford E93A Prefect 1939 - boot badge
aa_Ford Prefect E93A ornament
Ford 10 Prefect (E93A) - winged ornament on top of bonnet
ab_Ford Prefect E93A grille
Ford 10 Prefect (E93A) - Commanding grille, a little less elegant than the 3-slot sloping grille on the Ford 7W 10hp
ac_Ford Prefect E93A head
Ford Prefect E93A. Tall painted grille and separate headlamps distinquish the E93A from the 1948 E493A. Both Prefects had the 1172cc sidevalve engine that had started life as a 933cc engine in the 1932 Model Y.
Ford E93A Prefect Woody front
Ford E93A Prefect Woody. Constructed for the Royal Household for use on the Royal Estate. In the immediate post war years the Woody Station Wagon was popular as it was easily constructed out of wood and aluminium which were more plentiful than steel.
Ford Prefect E93A front
Ford Prefect E93A. Launched in 1939 with the 1172cc side valve engine, the E93A Prefect took over from the Model Ten.
Ford Prefect E93A frontr
Ford 10 Prefect (E93A). The first Ford to be given a name, this Prefect was little changed from its Ford 7W 10hp ancestor. Production continued after WW2.
Ford Prefect E93A rear
Ford Prefect E93A. Replacing the Y Model, the E93A was usually supplied as a 4-door saloon, although a few Tourers and Coupes are known. Prefects were longer wheelbase than Anglia.
g_Ford Prefect E493A (Ford Vairogs Junior)
Ford Vairogs Junior, an Ford Prefect built under licence in Latvia. This car photographed in the Latvia Car Museum
l_Ford Prefect E93A lamp
Ford Prefect E93A. Separate headlamps on top of the wing for the 1938-48 Prefect.
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Ford Prefect
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