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Dove GTR4
Thomas Harrington decided to go into car manufacturing in 1961 because of a declining bus market, and also because it is quicker to build a car and therefore to generate income. Their fibreglass technique learned through moulding parts of coach bodies helped them to create the Harrington Alpine fastback. Following the success of the Alpine, Harrington tried the same recipe with the Triumph TR4 to create the Dove GTR4. Harrington's own connection to the Rootes family had facilitated the Alpine project, but a different channel had to be used for the Triumph project. In this case the Triumph dealers L. F. Dove & Company of Wimbledon provided the channel for orders and the project commenced. It was intended that the car should be called 'Dove GTR4 and prounounced 'Dovay' as though Italian, but the English pronunciation persisted. However, after about 50 cars were completed pressure from Rootes forced the end of this project on what was essentially a rival product. Shortly after the Harrington Alpine ended its run and the Harrington name was lost to car production.
aa_Dove GTR4 badge
Dove GTR4 - badge on rear panel. Called 'Dove' after dealers L.F. Dove and Co. of Wimbledon, at the start it was insisted that the name should be pronouced 'Dovay' as though Italian; it didn't stick. Cars had to be ordered through this dealer, but the Rootes Group halted this product as being a rival for the Sunbeam Alpine.
Dove GTR4 front
Dove GTR4. Thomas Harrington followed up the Sunbeam Alpine fastback with this fastback GT built on a Triumph TR4 and sold through dealers L.F. Dove. The conversion added a lot of weight to the car and reduced acceleration but increased top speed.
Dove GTR4 rear
Dove GTR4. A fastback conversion offered by motor dealers L.F. Dove and Co. of Wimbledon on the Triumph TR4
Harrington Alpine
Triumph TR4 and TR4A IRS
Thomas Harrington Coachbuilders
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