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Clan Crusader
Paul Haussauer and Brian Luff started the Clan Crusader project in 1969 after a dispute with Colin Chapman their boss at Lotus. They came up with the idea of a rear-engined car built on a fibreglass monocoque (like the Lotus Elite). The Clan Motor Company was established with the help of the Washington Development Corporation and John Frayling designed the body to be moulded in upper and lower halves. Power was given by a 51bhp Imp Sport engine. Launched as the Clan Crusader it went on sale in 1972, and could be purchased as a home assembly kit to save on Tax. Even as a kit the Clan Crusader was expensive and world events conspired against it and in late 1973 the Clan Motor Company was bankrupt after 315 Crusaders had been sold. A Cypriot business took the moulds back to Cyprus but the Turkish invasion of Cyprus put a stop to those plans and eventually the moulds returned to Britain. Eventually, in 1982, the moulds were bought by by Clan Cars in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. A modest redesign was given to the new CLAN including pop-up headlamps, and it was sold with 78bhp 998bhp engine or 65bhp engine. Around 130 Irish Clans were built. A further 30 cars were built from 1985 as the Clan Clover with 1500cc Alfasud engine. Clan Cars ceased trading in 1987.
aa_Clan Clover 1985 badge
Clan Clover 1985 - badge on bonnet. Clan Cars Ltd took over production of the Clan car from 1982 in Newtownards, Northern Ireland
aa_Clan Crusader 1972 badge
Clan Crusader 1972 - badge on bonnet
ac_Clan Crusader 1972 head
Clan Crusader 1972. Clan commenced operations when by Paul Haussauer and some other engineers left Lotus and designed the Crusader car. John Frayling designed the body, and the car was available either fully built as a kit.
Clan Clover 1985 front
Clan Clover 1985. In 1985 the Ulster company developed the Clan Clover, revising the body and fitting an Alfasud 150cc engine. By 1987 Clan were defunct.
Clan Clover 1985 rear
Clan Clover 1985. Fitted with a 1500cc Alfasud engine in the tail, this was the final version of the Clan. Around 30 were sold.
Clan Crusader 1972 front
Clan Crusader 1972. The Crusader was developed by ex-pat Lotus engineers Paul Haussauer and Brian Luff from 1969, using a monocoque fibreglass shell like the lotus Elite
Clan Crusader 1972 rear
Clan Crusader 1972. Power came from a rear-mounted Hillman Imp Sport 51bhp engine. Production started with government loans in Washington (County Durham), and 315 were built until 1973.
Clan Crusader 1983 front
Clan Crusader 1983. In 1982 original Clan body moulds turned up in Northern Ireland, and a revised Clan with pop-up headlamps was produced, 130 being sold. Two versions were sold, the Clan E with 65bhp 998cc Imp engine, or Clan S with 78bhp 998cc Imp engine.
l_Clan Crusader 1972 lamp
Clan Crusader 1972 - the original Crusader design was characterised by these stuck up headlamps, but the final production cars were restyled with pop-up headlamps
s_Clan Crusader 1972 side
Clan Crusader 1972. John Frayling designed the fibreglass monocoque body for the Clan Crusader
John Frayling
Hillman Imp.
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