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Chrysler Alpine and Simca 1307/8
Developed from the Simca 1100, the Chrysler-Simca 1307 was launched as the 1307 in 1975 with a 1294cc engine. Body design was by Roy Axe . In Britain it was sold as the Chrysler Alpine, and was available as 1300 and 1500 (1442cc engines). European markets received the 1500 as the Chrysler-Simca 1308. Voted 'Car of the Year 1976', the 1307/8 European sales were good. Chrysler pulled out of Europe and Peugeot took over the ailing Simca and Rootes group from 1979 rebranding all cars as 'Talbot'
Chrysler Alpine
ac_Chrysler Alpine 1-3 head
Chrysler Alpine 1-3. Using the engineering from the Simca 1100, the Alpine (Simca 1307/8) range had to use enlarged versions of the Simca 1118cc pushrod engine.
Chrysler Alpine 1-3 front
Chrysler Alpine 1-3. Britain's version of the Chrysler-Simca 1307/8 range was branded 'Chrysler Alpine'. The 1300 had a 1294cc version of the pushrod 1118cc Simca engine.
Chrysler Alpine 1-3 rear
Chrysler Alpine 1-3. Designed by Roy Axe (Hillman Avenger) the Alpine (or Simca 1307/8) was engineered as a larger Simca 1100. Even so, it was voted 'Car of the Year 1976'.
t_Chrysler Alpine 1-3 tail
Chrysler Alpine 1-3. In Britain the Hatchback concept was new in 1976, and only the controversial Austin Maxi had been marketed. The Simca 1307/8 versions of this Alpine sold better, following the pioneering Renault 16 and the new VW Passat.
Moskvitch 2141 Aleko
Simca 1300
aa_Chrysler Avenger 13 GL badgea
Chrysler Europe
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