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B.S.A. Cars
BSA were a division of the Birmingham Small Arms company who diversified into making motorcycles (1905) and motor cars (1907). But in 1910 BSA bought out the Daimler Motor Company and the next BSA cars were no more than Daimler small cars with 'BSA' badges. From 1922 to 1926 BSA produced a small number of light cars of its own design utilising a V-twin engine derived from Hotchkiss design (a smiliar engine was produced with differences by Armstrong-Siddeley for its own 'Stoneleigh' cars). In 1929 BSA tried again to produce a light car, this time producing a front wheel drive three-wheeler with independent front suspension, and the vee-twin 1,021cc engine adapted for the front wheel drive configuration. Later a new 4-cylinder 1,025cc 10hp engine formed the basis of a new BSA Scout 4-wheeled front wheel drive car. Three wheeler production continued until 1936. As well as the front wheel drive Scout, from 1933, BSA re-entered the rear wheel drive market with a couple of 10hp models, the latter one powered by a 1,203 cc Lanchester 4-cylinder engine which probably shared its internals with the 1,203cc Scout engine. The new BSA Tens were modelled on small Lanchesters but there were enough differences in the specifications to avoid the charge of 'badge engineering'. In 1935 BSA introduced a 1,378cc six cylinder ohv engine. But all BSA car production ended in 1936 and the group concentrated on the Lanchester and Daimler lines.
aa_BSA TW 32-9 3-wheeler 1932 badge
BSA TW 32-9 3-wheeler 1932 Special Sports - badge on grille
aa_BSA TW34-10 Special Sports Three wheeler badge
BSA TW34-10 Special Sports - badge on radiator
BSA Scout
BSA Ten and Light Six
Daimler Cars
Lanchester Motor Company Limited
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