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The Arnolt-Bristol was an idea from Stanley H. 'Wacky' Arnolt, and importer of European cars to Chicago during the 1950s. He liked to take existing mechanics and transform them into new vehicles with designer bodies. Arnolt-MG and Arnolt-Astons were examples of his ideas. The Arnolt-Bristol grew out of this, with Bristol 404 chassis gaining a tuned 130bhp version of the Bristol 1971cc 6-cylinder engine. Arnolt was an investor in Carrozzeria Bertone where he sent his projects for new bodies. However sales were not strong and Arnolt needed a big project to fulfill promises made to Bertone; the Arnolt-Bristol was this project. Franco Scaglione (soon to be famous as the designer of the Alfa Romeo B.A.T. concept cars) was chosen to design the Arnolt-Bristol which was produced from 1954-59, although only 142 were sold.
aa_Arnolt-Bristol badgea
Arnolt-Bristol 2-litre 1954-9 - badge. SH Arnold used his fortune made selling marine engines to the armed forces, into selling British sports cars in late 1940s Chicago. Arnold saw a special MG TD designed by Giovanni Bertone, Nuccio Bertone, and Giovanni Michelotti at the 1952 Turin Salon and ordered 200 for his American customers; an order that is said to have saved Carrozzeria Bertone. However, the cars did not sell well, and Arnold ordered other models, but only the Arnold-Bristol sold in reasonable numbers. SH Arnold fielded a team of Arnold-Bristol cars in the 12 hours Sebring races and achieved good results in 1955, 56 and 1957.
aa_Arnolt-Bristol badgeb
Arnolt-Bristol 2-litre 1954-9- Bertone badge. Carrozzeria Bertone designed the body of the Arnolt-Bristol, and built them onto chassis shipped out to Italy.
ab_Arnolt-Bristol grille
Arnolt-Bristol 2-litre 1954-9. Behind the grille a 1971cc 6-cylinder engine tuned to give 130bhp.
ac_Arnolt-Bristol head
Arnolt-Bristol 2-litre 1954-9. This extraordinary design by Franco Scaglione virtually previewed his later B.A.T. designs for Carrozzeria Bertone. The height of the Bristol engine was the problem, here neatly achieved by the hood scoop, and the sweeping wings which go up to peaked wings.
Arnolt-Bristol front
Arnolt-Bristol 2-litre 1954-9. Designer Franco Scaglione had a problem with the height of the Bristol 1971cc engine, but he nicely disguised it with the swooping bonnet set between high creased wings.
Arnolt-Bristol rear
Arnolt-Bristol 2-litre 1954-9. Franco Scaglione's design for Carrozzeria Bertone is an embryo of the later Alfa Romeo B.A.T. cars. It sits on a Bristol 404 chassis shortened to 96inch wheelbase. Nearly all cars were left hand drive.
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