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Allard K1, K2, K3
The first Allard K1 cars were built in 1946 and produced until 1950. A box frame chassis was built, 106 inches compared to the longer 112-inch L-type and M-type. A live rear axle sat at the rear whilst at the front the Ballemy split axle front suspension. The engine was usually a Ford Pilot 3622cc V8 or a Mercury 4,400cc V8, but other engines were also available. Part of the design philosophy was to use up War surplus components. The K-type was a better developed design than the J-type and more suitable for ordinary road use, but the sales of 159 were disappointing. In 1950 Allard introduced the K2 which had a revised boot giving more luggage space. As well as the Ford and Mercury V8 engines the K2 could be specified with the Chrysler Hemi and a 5,424cc Cadillac V8. 117 K2s were made and production ended in 1952. A new K3 was produced from 1952-54 with a contemporary sports car body integrating the wings into the main structure, but only 63 were sold.
aa_Allard K1 Sports 1949 badge
Allard K1 Sports 1949 - badge on bonnet
aa_Allard K2 1950 badge
Allard K2 1950 - badge
ab_Allard K2 1950 grille
Allard K2 1950 - grille
ac_Allard K1 Sports 1949 head
Allard K1 Sports 1949. Powered by a 3,622cc Flathead Ford V8 or this 4,400cc Mercury flathead V8.
ac_Allard K2 1950 head
Allard K2 1950. The sporting J2 had been a development of the J1 with improved chassis and suspension. The K2 was the street version of the J2
Allard K1 1949 front
Allard K1 1949. With Mercury V8 engine.
Allard K1 Sports 1949 frontr
Allard K1 Sports 1949. The K1 was intended to be a more 'civilised' version of the J1 sports for ordinary road use, and was given a longer chassis
Allard K1 Sports 1949 race
Allard K1 Sports 1949. The K1 was designed to be a more practical road car than the J1, but that didn't stop it from entering competitions
Allard K2 1950 front
Allard K2 1950. Sydney Allard created the K2 when he fitted a Cadillac V8 engine into his own J2. Production K2 more commonly had Ford or Mercury V8 engines, but Chrysler and Cadillac V8s were also available. The K2 was given a smaller grille.
Allard K2 1951 front
Allard K2 1951. Allard sold 119 of its K2 Sportscar, which was powered by the 3.6-litre flathead Ford V8, although other engines were available. At the front was Ballamy split axle front suspewnsion with De Dion rear axle.The K2 was introduced in 1950.
Allard K2 1951 race
Allard K2 1951. Racing at Prescott Hillclimb, this K2 is fitted with the 5,400cc Cadillac V8
Allard K2 1951 rear
Allard K2 1951, with 5420cc Cadillac V8. The K2 was given a useable boot, unlike the K1 which used the rear to house the spare wheel.
Allard K3 front
Allard K3. Developed out of the Allard Palm Beach the K3 was usually given a V8 engine, often the Chrysler Hemi
Allard K3 rear
Allard K3. Developed out of the Allard Palm Beach the K3 was usually given a V8 engine, often the Chrysler Hemi
Allard L1 4-seat Tourer front
Allard L1 4-seat Tourer. The Allard L1 was in production from 1946-48 and 191 were made. The L1 used a K1 chassis extended by 6-inches to create a 4-seater. Most L1 cars were fitted with the Mercury V8 engine.
v_Allard K2 1950 vent
Allard K2 1950 - vents on bonnet side
AC 2-litre
Healey Elliott and Westland
Morgan Plus Four, Plus Four Plus
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