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Allard Cars
Sydney Herbert Allard worked for Adlards Motor Garage where he prepared Motor Racing cars, and before WW2 he built some specials on Ford 48 chassis with Ford V8 engines such as the British Ford Pilot V8 and Mercury V8. The first 'production' model was the J-type which followed the recipe of Ford mechanics fitted into his own chassis with a rudimentary body. Allard bought the design for split axle front suspension from Leslie Ballamy and his lightweight cars powered by American V8 engines drew sales. A K1 sports tourer was also introduced in 1949 for road use with all enveloping bodywork and a longer chassis. The J1 was developed into the J2 and corresponding K2, and with the K3 1952/53 Allards gained a more contemporary low sports car body. Four-seater Allards were offered as the Allard L-type from 1946-48, and from 1947 to 1950 as the M-type drophead and the P-type fixed head saloon. From 1952 Allard built the smaller and lighter Palm Beach sports car on a 96-inch wheelbase. Looking like a contemporary Aston Martin, MGA, or Austin-Healey 100 the Palm Beach was built around 4 and six cylinder engines, but it was a slow seller. The Palm Beach MkII was launched in 1956 with modernised design and a larger bonnet so that V8 engines could be fitted. Only a handful were made and in 1959 Allards ceased vehicle production.
aa_Allard J1 1948 badge
Allard J1 1948 - badge on boot
aa_Allard J2 1950 badge
Allard J2 1950 - badge on nose
aa_Allard K1 Sports 1949 badge
Allard K1 Sports 1949 - badge on bonnet
aa_Allard P1 1950 badge
Allard P1 1950 - badge on bonnet
z_Ballamy Ford V8 Special race
Ballamy Ford V8 Special. Leslie M Ballamy built several specials for racing, including in 1933 an Austin Seven which he split the front axle to give a form of independent front suspension. This was later developed for larger cars, and in due course adopted by Sydney Allard for his cars.
Allard J1, J2, J2X
Allard K1, K2, K3
Allard M-type
Allard Palm Beach MkI and MkII
Allard P-type
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