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Alfa-Romeo Racing
As A.L.F.A. The Alfa Romeo organisation entered motorsport almost as soon as it went into business in 1911. A second place in 1913 was the start of track success for the company, and their driver Enzo Ferrari scored second on the 1920 Targa Florio. The 1923 Targa Florio was won by Ugo Sivocci in an Alfa Romeo RL which had a green cloverleaf painted on its side and has been used since by Alfa Romeo to distinguish certain models. With Vittorio Jano poached from Fiat in 1923 Alfa Romeo had the engineer capable of giving them the engines and the metal for more prizes. The first ever Automobile World Championship went to Alfa Romeo in 1925 and was celebrated by laurel leafs worn on the Alfa Romeo badge. Whilst Grand Prix races went to German teams in the 1930s, Alfa Romeo sports cars won the Mille Miglia 9 times and the Targa Florio 6 times, and Le Mans 4 times. Taken over by the Mussolini government in 1933, Alfa Romeo contracted out its racing activities to private operator Scuderia Ferrari, which after WW2 started to race its own cars under its own badge. Alfa Romeo can claim a long list of awards in every form of motorsport, and continue in touring cars.
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Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Giulia