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ADO 9, Cambridge, Oxford, MG, Riley and Wolseley
In 1955 there was a Royal visit to BMC by Prince Philip and the BMC Chairman Sir Leonard Lord was out to impress the Prince with the best of British design. But the Prince thought the new Austins looked rather dull against foreign competition, and the BMC Chairman did not get the approval he wished for. Within a few days he had arranged to meet Pinin Farina and a contract was signed that resulted in the (ADO 9) cars; The first of these was the Wolseley 15/60 in December 1958, Austin A55 MkII Cambridge in January 1959, MG Magnette MkIII in February 1959, Morris Oxford Series V in March 1959, and Riley 4/68 in April 1959. Although Pinin Farina had produced the body design, it was Dick Burzi and Sid Goble who did the 'badge engineering'. In 1961 All models were upgraded with the 1622cc B-series engine for the ADO 38 facelift.
ac_A55 Cambridge MkII Countryman head
ac_MG Magnette IV head
MG Magnette MkIV - The MkIV Magnette was not changed in appearance from the MkIII.

ac_Morris Oxford Series VI headb
Morris Oxford Series VI - the curvy grille of the 1622cc Farina Oxford, the series VI

ac_Riley 4-72 head
Riley 4/72. The 4/72 was given the same version of the 1622cc B-series engine as the MG Magnette IV.

ac_Wolseley 15-60 head
Wolseley 16/60. The panel work on the front of the 16/60 was unique to the Wolseley model

s_Austin A55 MkII Cambridge Countryman side
Austin A55 Mk II Cambridge Countryman. When the A60 Cambridge was introduced, the Countryman retained all the panel work aft of the front wings and the rear lights from the A55 MkII Countryman.

s_Austin A55 MkII Cambridge side
Austin A55 MkII Cambridge. Pininfarina was engaged to design the new BMC 'B' range of saloons. The A55 MkII is the BMC interpretation of the maestro's original, and versions with MG, Morris, Riley and Wolseley badges were also sold.

s_Morris Oxford Series V side
Morris Oxford Series V. Launched in March 1959, the Oxford Series V was the 4th of the B-series 'Farina Austins'. Identical to the A55 Mk2 except for some trim, badging and detailing

s_Morris Oxford Series VI side
Morris Oxford Series VI

s_Riley 4-72 side
Riley 4/72

u_Austin A55 MkII Cambridge lamp
Austin A55 MkII Cambridge. This is upright fin of the A55 MkII, the A60 fin was rounded off and got a different taillight.

u_Austin A60 Cambridge lampr
Austin A60 Cambridge - the later rounded taillights for the A60 Cambridge.

u_MG Magnette IV lampt
MG Magnette IV - taillight

u_Morris Oxford Series V lampr
Morris Oxford Series V - rear lamp

u_Riley 4-72 1965 lampr
Riley 4/72 - tail lamp. The Riley and MG shared the same rear wings and tail lamps and kept these for both ADO9 and ADO38 versions.

Austin Cambridge A55 MkII (ADO9), A60 (ADo38)
Austin Cambridge A55 MkII (ADO9), A60 (ADo38)
MG Magnette MkIII, MkIV
MG Magnette MkIII, MkIV
Morris Oxford Series V, Series VI
Morris Oxford Series V, Series VI
Riley 4/68, 4/72
Riley 4/68, 4/72
Wolseley 15/60, 16/60
Wolseley 15/60, 16/60
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