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Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen chose to engineer its Type 17 car with the technology it had in its Audi division, and front engine front wheel drive was to be the recipe to replace the air-cooled cars of the last 40years. Giorgetto Giugiaro of ItalDesign was called in to design the car, which was named 'Golf-Strom' (Gulf stream), shortened to 'Golf' and launched in 1974. Initially available as 2-door and 4-door with 1100cc, 1300cc, and 1500cc engines. In 1976 a 110bhp fuel-injected GTI version was launched as the 'GTI' and this was upgraded to 1800cc in 1979. There was a Diesel engine from 1976, a booted saloon the 'Jetta' (Jet Stream) from 1979, a Cabriolet from 1980 and the Golf 'Caddy' Pickup version. Mark One Golfs continued to be sold until 1984 when the Golk MkII was launched, but The Golf Cabriolet continued to sell until 1993, and the Caddy until 1996. South Africa continued to produce Mark One VW Golfs until 2009.
ac_Volkswagen Jetta GL head
Volkswagen Jetta GL. The Jetta (meaning 'Jet Stream') was available from 1979, although it was called 'Atlantic' in Mexico. It was given rectangular headlamps in most countries (with twinned lamps in North America) in an attempt to create an upmarket Golf.
Volkswagen Golf GTI front
Volkswagen Golf GTI. The Volkswagen Type 17 was styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro and launched as Voilkswagen Golf in 1974. The GTI version was launched in 1976 with a 1588cc fuel-injected 106bhp engine
Volkswagen Golf GTI rear
Volkswagen Golf GTI. Golf GTI cars were mostly 2-door cars, and in 1979 an 1800cc engine was given to a slightly updated Golf with larger tail lights (shown here)
Volkswagen Golf LD front
Volkswagen Golf LD. In 1976 Volkswagen gave the Golf a diesel engine, in the form of a 1588cc 4-cylinder 50bhp unit. This model further established the Golf in markets.
Volkswagen Golf LD rear
Volkswagen Golf LD. In 1976 Volkswagen gave the Golf a diesel engine, in the form of a 1588cc Golf LD. This car has the pre-facelift small rear lamps.
Volkswagen Jetta GL front
Volkswagen Jetta GL. At the 1979 Frankfurt Salon the Jetta was launched, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of ItalDesign. Commonly the Jetta was given the 1.6-litre engine, but almost any Golf engine could be found in the Jetta.
y_Volkswagen Jetta GL side
Volkswagen Jetta GL. Volkswagen thought that some markets regarded hatchback cars as too utilitarian, so it had ItalDesign produced a 'booted hatchback' in the form of the Jetta for the 1979 Frankfurt Saloon. The entire middle of the car is pure Golf with an extended boot and a modified front. Two door versions were also available, and although a concept for an estate was made, this never went into production.
Volkswagen 'Beetle'
Volkswagen Golf Convertible
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