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Designer: W. Belgrove
Designer: Michelotti
Standard Motor Club
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Standard Vanguard Phase III, Vignale and Six
A new monocoque shell was given to the Phase III Vanguard by Carl Otto in New York with a design by Tucker Madawick and modifications by Walter Belgrove . Only the 2088cc 4-cylinder engine and 3-speed gearbox were carried over from the Vanguard Phase II. Launched at the 1955 London Motor Show the Standard Vanguard Phase III was initially only available as a 4-door saloon. An estate car with lift-up rear window and drop-down lid was announced in August 1956. Also in Autumn 1956 was announced the Vanguard Sportsman which carried the tuned Triumph TR2 2088cc engine and was restyled in an MG-like way. A two-tone deluxe Vanguard was sold from late 1956 and in the following year the basic Vanguard was remodelled as the Standard Ensign. The Ensign was downgraded with a 1670cc version of the Vanguard engine, and during 1959 and 1960 an Ensign was available with the 2088cc engine. The Phase IV Vanguard was announced in 1958 with a greatly reworked bodyshell courtesy of Vignale's designer Giovanni Michelotti and named the 'Vanguard Vignale'. The Vanguard Six was announced at the 1960 with a new 1998cc 6-cylinder engine that was based on a 4+2 version of the Standard Ten engine. From 1961 only the Vanguard Six was on sale until 1962 when the Ensign Deluxe was announced having a 2138cc TR4 engine. Production ended in October 1963 when the Triumph 2000 took the Vanguard Six engine into the next decade.
aa_Standard Vanguard Sportsman badge
Standard Vanguard Sportsman - boot badge
ab_Standard Vanguard Six badge
Standard Vanguard Six - bonnet badge
ab_Standard Vanguard Vignale badge
Standard Vanguard Vignale - bonnet badge
aa_Standard Ensign Deluxe badge
Standard Ensign Deluxe - badge
ac_Standard Vanguard Sportsman grille
Standard Vanguard Sportsman - grille. The Sportsman was almost named 'Triumph Renown' and a glance at the grille badge will show this to be the Triumph Globe - without the word 'Triumph'
ac_Standard Vanguard Vignale grille
Standard Vanguard Vignale - grille
ad_Standard Vanguard Sportsman head
Standard Vanguard Sportsman. The 'MG-style' grille was hoped to give the TR3-tuned Vanguard Sportsman a sportier image, but only 901 were sold.
ad_Standard Ensign Deluxe head
Standard Ensign Deluxe. Re-introduced in 1962 to fill a military order for low-priced cars, the Ensign returned to a 4-cylinder engine, this being a detuned 2183cc engine from the Triumph TR4.
ad_Standard Vanguard Six Estate head
Standard Vanguard Six Estate. The Vanguard Six had the new 6-cylinder 1998cc engine which then went into the Triumph 2000 in 1963. This engine was derived from the 948cc Standard Ten engine with 2 cylinders added.
Standard Vanguard Six Estate front
Standard Vanguard Six Estate 1962. The Vignale Vanguard was a restyle of the Phase III Vanguard, and from 1960 this was available as the 'Vanguard Six' with 1991cc 6-cylinder engine that would soon power the Triumph 2000
Standard Vanguard Six Estate rear
Standard Vanguard Six Estate 1962. The Phase III Vanguard Estate was little altered at the rear by the Vignale restyle. The rear opening was by an upward opening window and a drop-down lid.
Standard Vanguard Sportsman front
Standard Vanguard Sportsman. Launched in 1956 as a sporting version of the Phase III, the Sportsman was intended to be named 'Triumph Renown' but retained Standard badges. However it got a Triumph TR3 engine and 'MG-style' grille.
Standard Vanguard Sportsman rear
Standard Vanguard Sportsman. The Sportsman used the new monocoque body that was introduced on the Phase III Vanguard in 1955.
Standard Vanguard Vignale front
Standard Vanguard Vignale. In 1958 Giovanni Michelotti revised the Vanguard Phase III with bigger screens and altered lights. The engine and mechanics were largely unchanged from the 1947 Phase I
Standard Vanguard Vignale rear
Standard Vanguard Vignale. In 1958 the 'Phase IV' Vanguard was launched as the Vanguard Vignale. Standard-Triumph had called in Giovanni Michelotti from Vignale to design cars and the Vanguard revisions were an early product.
Standard Ensign Deluxe front
Standard Ensign Deluxe. The lower-priced Ensign was re-introduced as the 'Ensign Deluxe' in 1962 as the only 4-cylinder Vanguard, using a detuned 2138cc Triumph TR4 engine.
Standard Ensign Deluxe rear
Standard Ensign Deluxe. The later Ensign benefitted from the larger windowed 'Vignale' body. It was still a cheapened car created mainly for military orders and was popular with the Royal Air Force.
v_Standard Vanguard Sportsman lamp
Standard Vanguard Sportsman - tail light
w_Standard Vanguard Sportsman wheel
Standard Vanguard Sportsman - front wheel
w_Standard Vanguard Vignale wheel
Standard Vanguard Vignale.
t_Standard Vanguard Six Estate side
Standard Vanguard Six Estate. The estate car used the same rear body as the Phase III estate for both Vignale and Six versions.
t_Standard Vanguard Sportsman side
Standard Vanguard Sportsman. Using the Phase III body, the Sportsman was given the TR4 engine and styling like an MG saloon. Until just before its launch it was intended to be called 'Triumph Sportsman'.
Standard Vanguard Phase 1 and 1a and 2
Standard Vanguard Phase III Ute
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