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Standard Eight 1954
Standard launched its Standard 8 to replace the Triumph Mayflower in September 1953, and in March 1954 the Standard Ten was launched. Sir John Black had financed a brand new model which was given a new 803cc ohv engine, which was scaled up to 948cc for the Stanard Ten. The body was of unitary construction and designed by Vic Hammond, and was built by Fisher and Ludlow even though they had been bought out by B.M.C. A much more radical design had been thought of, with rear engine, but something more conventional was launched. However the original Eight was so basic it lacked even a bootlid or wind-down windows. These features were gradually installed, first to the Ten models and later to the better equipped Eights. There was a modest 'Phase II' facelift in Spring 1957. The Triumph Herald replaced the saloon models in 1959, and the Herald Estate took out the Companion in 1961. Van and Pickup versions of the Standard 8 and 10 had been available since 1954 and continued until 1964.
aa_Standard 8 1955  badge
Standard 8 1955 - badge on one of the final basic Standard 8s.
aa_Standard 8 1956  badge
Standard Super 8 1956 - badge on bonnet
aa_Standard 8 1956  badges
Standard Super 8 1956 - badge on boot panel. This panel was only intended to access the spare wheel, luggage would be loaded behind the rear seat.
ac_Standard Eight 1953 head
Standard Eight. Standard Eights were very basic in 1953, launched with only one windscreen wiper. The 803cc engine would eventually have 2 extra cylinders joined on and become a Triumph 6-cylinder unit.
ac_Standard Eight 1955 head
Standard Eight 1957. The old Standard 8hp engine was pensioned off when the new Standard Eight was launched in 1953. A new 803cc ohv engine was designed, and this engine gradually grew into a 1496cc engine and also had 2 cylinders added on to become the Triumph 2500 engine.
ac_Standard Eight 1957 DL head
Standard Eight Deluxe.
Standard 8 1956 Super front
Standard Super 8 1956. In 1956 the 'Super 8' replaced the Eight Deluxe
Standard 8 1956 Super rear
Standard Super 8 1956. In 1956 the 'Super 8' replaced the Eight Deluxe, but it still didn't get a bootlid until 1957.
Standard Eight 1953 front
Standard Eight. At launch in 1953 the Standard Eight had an 803cc 26hp engine and a new monocoque body
Standard Eight 1953 rear
Standard Eight. The new Standard Eight in 1953 had a monocoque body, but this lacked an opening bootlid (until 1957).
Standard Eight 1955 fronta
Standard 8 1955. One of the last 8s with sliding windows, but it does have twin windscreen wipers.
Standard Eight 1955 frontb
Standard Eight. On launch in 1953 the Standard Eight had sliding windoiws, but Deluxe cars had winding windows from 1954 and all cars from 1955.
Standard Eight 1955 rear
Standard 8 1955. Still with sliding windows, this 1955 Eight is one of the last of the basic models. It lacks a proper bootlid, but the Eights carried this small access panel for a few years yet.
Standard Eight 1956 front
Standard Eight 1957. Introduced in 1953, the Eight was all new replacing the outgoing 'Flying Eight' model. Unitary construction was new for this 8, but for cheapness it did not have a bootlid or wind-down windows in 1953, by 1957 both these were given.
Standard Eight 1956 rear
Standard 8 1956. Offered with wind-up windows from mid-1955, this basic Standard 8 still lacks a proper bootlid, and would have to await the 'Gold Star' model of 1957 to get a bootlid.
Standard Eight 1957 deluxe front
Standard Eight 1957 Deluxe. From 1954 Deluxe Eights had wind-up windows. This 1957 car has the 'Phase II' grille and opening bootlid. Sometimes called the 'Gold Star' Eight because of the uprated engine.
Standard Eight 1957 Gold Star front
Standard Eight Gold Star. In 1957 the lowly Standard Eight was improved as the 'Gold Star' model, getting an opening boot, a full width grille. The 'Gold star' relates to the newly improved 803cc engine now giving 30bhp
Standard Eight Gold Star rear
Standard Eight Gold Star. From 1957 Standard Eights gained an opening bootlid with the launch of the 'Gold Star' model. Winding windows had been given to Deluxe cars since 1954 and all cars from 1955
t_Standard Eight Gold Star tail
Standard Eight. Opening bootlids were given to the Eights in late 1957.
w_Standard Eight 1953 window
Standard Eight. Sliding windows wee standard on the Standard Eight from 1953, but replaced by wind-up windows on the Deluxe in 1954 and on all Eights from 1955.
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