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Rambler Cars
Created in 1954 by the merger of Hudson Motors and Nash-Kelvinator,American Motors was the largest corporate merger at that time. A 'Rambler' model was launched in 1956 and this was created as a new brand, with the names 'Nash' and 'Hudson' being dropped. 'Rambler' was the name given to an automobile manufactured by Thomas B Jeffery from 1902-1914. Charles T. Jeffery dropped the 'Rambler' name in 1914 preferring 'Jeffery' to his father's chosen branding. However, Jeffery was purchased by Charles W. Nash in 1916 and the name changed inevitably to 'Nash' from that point. The name 'Rambler' lay dormant until the newly formed American Motors Corporation (AMC) launched its new compact Nash Rambler in 1950. This was replaced in 1956 by an all new model now sold as either 'Nash Rambler' or 'Hudson Rambler', and from 1957 'Rambler' was a brand on its own. The Ambassador model was renamed 'Rambler Ambassador' from 1962, and the Rambler Six and Rambler Rebel V8 were merged into a new 'Rambler Classic' model line. The 1950 Nash Rambler was remodelled and relaunched to become the entry level 'Rambler American' in 1958. From 1962 the Rambler Classic and Ambassador ranges shared platforms, body parts and mechanics but not engines, although from 1965 the two model lines were again separated in the market but continued to share major components. But from 1966 the decision was made to phase out the 'Rambler' name and rebrand all cars as 'AMC', and 'Rambler' only continued on the Rambler American until 1968.
Rambler Classic 1964
Rambler Classic 1964
Rambler Classic 770 Cross Country Estate - badge on wing
Rambler Javelin
AMC Pacer
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